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I'm still hoping that one of you guys will share these flies with the rest of us in the form of photo's and recipes. these sound intriging to me for them big Kamloops trout this spring.
Thanks, Randy


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fishboy said:
I just received Spokane's flies yesterday. That is an awesome looking pattern! :thumb:
He doesnt do MY FLY justice......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....just kidding of course

spoke....Call me tomorrow in the afternoon.

Mine will be in the mail Monday.

gridkid.....good to see ya hopped on the board :thumb:
What justice is needed for a SQUAWFISH PATTERN!? :rofl:
Just kidding, that is a deadly looking steelhead fly. I'll be trying it out this week on a couple rivers. :thumb:


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Mine are done along with a few extra miscellaneous articulated patterns for the swap leader. I cant find the shipping info...my apologies for being a knucklehead ;) and I have no tags......no printer that works so your all outta luck. I will post recipe in the gallery after pics are uploaded.

Can someone pm or email the address.....thanks
Send them all to:
Jesse Clark
General delivery
Liberty Lake Post office, Wa
I will take REAL GOOD care of them :rofl:
P.S. When I get home if somebody else hasn't posted it I will send it to you.
Hey knucklehead. I sent you a pm with the info. I'm guessing Jesse already beat me to it though. And Jesse, I'm a lot closer to the Liberty Lake P.O. than you are... Race you there? :thumb:
As of Thursday's mail 12/23...

Don Johnson Contacted me and said he wouldn't have his flies in until the middle of next week. So while we're waiting I'll be tying up another pattern to add to the swap. A marabou stinger pattern, using a mono loop and a 2/0 VMC stinger hook. Deadly Stuff! :thumb:
Flies will be in the mail by 1/1/05 at the very latest!


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Mine went out and should be there by now??? I sent a self addressed envelope and a few bucks for postage.......BUT i forgot a tag!!! guess im hosed and kicked out of the swap :p