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Hey! You get a computer last year and now your getting a digital camera! Finally catching up with the world. Shop the sales and remember that most stores will ad-match. So pick the deal you want and take it to whereever you want. Some come with cases, extra disks, and other assesories(sp?) so find the one that best suits what you want. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the salesman. Most of the are pretty knowledgeable if you go to a store other then wal-mart; Staples, Office depot, etc. Have fun! :) See Ya, gridkid
i need to get a digital camra too i have a 35mm cameral and i cant figure out how to get pictures on the internet, the box says you can do it but i should just save my pennies and pony up.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Pentax Optio 33WR or 43WR cameras. Both are water resistant but are not waterproof.

The 33WR is a 3 megapixel camera and the 43WR is a 4 megapixel camera.
I went through this with a friend who is a semi-pro photographer who just upgraded his SLR to a Nikon D70, and then went looking for a point-and-shoot for his wife. After talking to him and going to numerous sites that compare cameras, I got the Canon Powershot A80 from for $200. I use this camera all the time for my column in NW Brewing News and it comes with basic software. I have one and bought one for my sister for Christmas.

The biggest advantage to digital is that you can do your own post-processing. I recommens Photoshop Elements, the "lite" version of the Photoshop program which sells for <$100 if you get really into it and need more than the basics that come with the camera (which is pretty inclusive).

My camera came with a card, but you can get extra cards pretty cheap. I recommend at least a 256, that will keep you from having to edit your images halfway through your vacation. Definitely don't get sucked into buying an older camera on sale that uses proprietary storage technology. What you save on the camera you will lose getting the extra memory. Get a newer camera that uses a Compact Flash card. These are cheaper and most new computers and accessories (printers) can read these directly without software. So you can download directly onto your XP machine and use their software, for example.

Also, don't go for the reconditioned models because they have shorter warrantees. Basically, these cameras are disposable if anything goes wrong, so you want the longest factory warrantee you can get. I learned this the hard way.

BTW, you may find that many sites offer the same prices now when you are shopping on line, that's because for a lot of this stuff, many companies are using the Amazon back end for CC charges and fulfillment. You are essentially just searching the Amazon catalog. In a lot of searching, I did not find anything cheaper than NewEgg.
I bought the Pentax Optio 43WR, water resistant for 25 min(whatever that means), 4.0 Megapixels, about 3x3", and 3xOptical Zoom. So far I love it. Also does the 15 sec. movie clips with sound. Haven't tried that yet, but maybe someday.
I weighed the camera with a waterproof case, but decided that I would rather have a camera that I will carry instead of the one I will leave in the car because it's too big.
Good luck.
If you just want an "instamatic" check out the Concord cameras at CompUSA. They're $99 with battery and charger, case, 3.2 pixel and 3x zoom. Don't pay much attention to the digital zoom. We bought one for our sailing mag because if we loose it overboard or get it soaked we're not out $500. Resolution is fine for most instanaces. I've got a good Nikon at home with lots of goodies but never use them. Always load pics on computer then tweak them. Got my wife the $99 for Christmas to replace her little Pentax film camera that didn't survive an unfriendly camera situation.
I would agree with those that like the Olympus 410. It's small size and water resistant features are what sold me. It takes good shots and is very compact is 4.0 mega pixels and on sale every weekend somewhere for around 249.00 to 300.00. THe only thing it lacks is a stonger zoom, 3X is it. But the size and price made it a good trade off. I have not noticed any soft focus issues as mentioned before, all my pictures are very sharp.
I have the Oylmpus 410 also. I know what SpokaneFisherman is talking about. In low light conditions, the camera automatically adjusts and sets a slower shutter speed. If you don't have the camera on a tripod, the pictures will come out blurry without a flash. If you use a flash, it might be in focus, but the flash will take out a lot of the color. I'm not sure yet what you can do about this. Besides this issue, I think it is a great camera.
One reason the Canon Powershot A80 is so highly recommended is because it offers the most features for any camera that price range. Many different preset and manual modes to correct lighting, etc. I'm still playing with all of it. Yet it still works great as a point and shoot, too.
Diggin up this old Digital cam thread (which has helped as well as the other digital cam threads on this site)..Anyhow Santa's bringing me a new digy this Christmas.....I've been researching the archives,consumer guide and online review sites and really can't make up my mind.

Sooooooooo staying below $250 what would be your choice?

Oh and this camera would be used majority during fishing trips.....Here's a list of what I'm looking at...Am I missing any quality cameras for this price point?

I welcome any feedback.

Olympus Stylus 410
Olympus Stylus 500
Olympus FE-110 5 MP
Canon PowerShot A410
Canon Powershot SD200 Digital ELPH PowerShot
Canon PowerShot A520

Thanks, Jabs:thumb:
I have a kodak... its 5 mega pixels, some nice german glass, 10x optical zoom and it a pretty easy to use camera with nice manual options. I think it is about what you are looking at paying. If you are interested, I will find out what the heck model # it is.

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I have a Olympus Stylus 500 which is an all weather camera. It took a dip in the Yakima, But before I turned it on I remover the battery and the card. Let it dry out for 2 days a then put it all back in and it works fine. It does all I ask of it. From stills to video with sound.

Paid $250.00 at Staples.

I would go for an SLR, doesn;t need to be the nicest but those SLRs are just better than normal digital camera for what youll be doing. I bought a hp 945 for $450 and it is a nice camera, my only complaint is it doesn;t focus when you zoom in real close like when tking a picture of a fly, real or fake. So i would go with an SLR or a Hp 945 unless youll be taking closeups. Also, fo gor 4+ megapixels. It just makes for a really nice picture. For memory, i like 256 or 512 and the SD memory cards are cheapest. So try and get a carea compatible with those. If your good about deleting pictures that you dont need. 128 or less would be plenty.