What do you do when you tie a perfect fly?


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This may sound a little silly, but I've got a perfect size 14 Adams that I tied. It was just luck; out of a big batch full of small flaws, this one just happened to have perfect wings, perfect proportions, perfect taper on the body, perfect everything.

I can just sit and stare at it, and I don't dare put it in my box with the other flies and forget and fish with it, but I'm worried if I leave it out I'm gonna lose it, too.

I'm sure this happens to everyone who ties... you get an anomolous fly you're really proud of once in a while. When that happens, what do you do with it? I don't have any experience building shadowboxes or anything, and I don't really have anywhere to put one... so I'm just looking for ideas to display my little gem.

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Well I have this problem with flies that I retire, yeah I retire my flies that were TO LUCKY :) . So I bought some flat cork from Kmart, and cut into strips and have glued them together like a fly box (over-lapping each other ///// ) it's about 8"x10" and I have it propped up with a plate display thing on my tying desk, from time to time I'll pick up a pattern look at it and remember the good days. The left over cork is glued in altiods containers, to store the "special patterns", and make good chironomid boxes. I have also glued cork in other places where I need to stick flies from time to time (e.g. trunk of my car).

might help yeah a little. . . .

If you don't have room for a shadow box, you might consider one of those little glass dome displays with a wooden base. They don't take up much room, offer 360 degree viewing of your fly and look pretty cool. Stick a small pice of driftwood inside (glued to the base) stick your fly into the wood and slip on the glass dome. For a really classy touch, an engraved brass plate with the name of the fly dresses it all up nicely.

Check in Michael's or other craft store for the glass domes.


Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
another thing that I have saw were these clocks that Adobe put out awhile ago, they used a huge binocular crystal to display a image of what was put in the top comparment over the clock face in kinda transparent way. But I am sure that they are hard to find now. eBay maybe. . . . . .

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I don't know about any of youse guys. But I fish all my flies. That is if I don't tie to many of them. If it is perfect then I get to fool them trout just a little longer.


P/S: I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for,but that is the way I feel about all that I tie up. :beathead:
you could go to Micheals and buy a small clear ornament bulb and hang it on somebodys tree this year. I just went out and bought 2 dozen for our tree.
you friends would cheerish it for many years to come and it'll be "protected" from dust,etc.
Besides, I don't think that it's "silly" to admire something that you've accomplished . I have alot of flies that I am particulary proud of. I use the ones with flaws for fishing and I have lots of those also. I have most of mine in boxes stored away but, I am wanting to learn how to mount them in shadow boxes for display. I got some good info from ron Eagle Elk and Steelheader 69 in another thread.
There's alot of good information and knowledge shared on this site.
When I tie the "perfect fly" I know it is time to stop and grab a beer. Better to end on a high note and enjoy hte rest of the day. :thumb:


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Randy Diefert said:
you could go to Micheals and buy a small clear ornament bulb and hang it on somebodys tree this year.
Randy, cool idea. How do you mount yours inside the bulb?
You carry it around...over all of the rivers you fish.. and at one point in time, you'll see the fish of your life sipping Mayflies that just happen to match your Adams... you tie it on, and fish it. :thumb:

I used a 1/2 # Flourocarbon tippet material and tyed it on the fly useing a vry small knot. Rann the line up through the top of the ornament (there's a slit in it ), out to one side and applied one small drop of hot glue. worked great. and you can adjust it so it hangs right. You can also get larger bulbs for streamers and the like. I'm thinking of making some up as give-a-ways at our Club Christmas Party.


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I have to agree with both Old Man and Monk. If I tie the perfect fly I grab a cold beer or a tumbler of scotch, and then dream about fishing it. Of course, most likely I will end up snagging it on some structure, but that's just incentive for me to tie another perfect one. :)