(NFR) Who's working?

Out of curiousity I thought I'd ask the question: Are you all retired, unemployed, or working the graveyard shift? Or are you at work sneaking a peak to get your WFF fix like myself?

I don't mean to offend anyone - well maybe Tightline since he's the only one I've met on this site!! Most everyone seems to be online in the morning and early afternoon rather than after the work day.


Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I am off work. Have a spinal injury, so stuck at home indoors. But come Jan or Feb, will be back to probably just logging on at night. Not alot of internet access inside a UPS truck. LOL.
Retired junior high school school teacher. Taught for thirty-five years. My scratches and bruises have healed up nicely and I've almost got my eye twitching under control.
I am work. I keep waiting for some one to come into my cube an fire me so I won't have to be on the internet and be on the river instead. LOL :cool:
I post when I am at work. My bosses know, but I make them too much money for them to say anything about it!
At home I rarely check this site. Like someone said above, when I am home it is really hard to sit down at a computer.

mike doughty

Honorary Member
Haven't worked since the end of october and don't have to be back to work until the end of jan. been busy with getting ready to move and will be back in the states tommorrow