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Two Skookum Oprey pontoons.....

they have 9ft by 15 in. pontoons width a 58 inch beam...and are very stable in class 3+ water. The two boats are identical. I have about $1500.00 invested in each and would like to get $1000.00 ea. but I am willing to negotiate. The two boats were 1250.00 ea. with all the options when I bought them 1 year ago from Bill Day at Skookum. The additional equipment includes a rear bag that sits in the basket that has a battery compartment and cooler compartment plus additional storage; side bags with mondo storage, rod holder....BOATS ARE SOLD

As for the rods....I have the following:

1 ea. Orvis T-3 906-4 tip flex with silver Ross Gunnison 4 reel (WF floating line) old $425.00 NEW $375.00

1 ea. Orvis T-3 905-2 midflex with black Ross Gunnison 2 reel (3-spools floating, clear intermediate, and a full sink line) old $525.00 NEW $450.00

1 ea. Orvis Silver label 7' 6" 3wt. with Lamson velocity reel (WF floating line) $200.00

I am also considering to sell:

1 ea. Sage 389-2 with Lamson Velocity reel (WF floating line) old $425.00 NEW $375.00

IF I can't sell them for this....They will continue to collect dust.

If interested email

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