What beside wading boots can you wear with stocking waders

I currently have waders with cleated boots that are very heavy. As I start to use my new Predator, I am going to switch to stocking waders, but am looking for something other than wading boots and, hopefully, something that will be easier to get in an out of. Most of the advice on line is more than three years old and, it seems, some of the highest recommended tube booties are not longer available. Is there a viable alternative to wading boots? Sure would appreciate any advice


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I use neoprene waders with oversized cheap sandals with adjustable straps, and as it get warmer shorts and regular sandals.


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Like Gofish, I have a pair of cheap sandals. They are a Keen knock off. The toe protections is important. I think I paid 18 bucks for them, and has lasted 2 years of heavy use.
Jim, if you're using these over boot foot waders will one size larger work ? I've had problems with flats booties being to tight in the ankles, even going up one or two sizes.

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Mark, I wear a size 10-1/2 or 11 boot (depending on the brand). My flats boots are size 13 & fit fine whether I'm wearing 3mm or 5 mm waders with neoprene stocking feet. They are neither too loose nor too tight & with the front zipper, are easy on & off.

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Old sneakers, newish boat shoes two sizes too big, sandals is what I wear, cheap ones fastened with velcro, freakin' wingtips if you want on stillwater, just something to protect your waders while you walk from the car to your boat. Flats booties are cool, but you should have force fins too.

On moving water, try wading boots without fins, and good non-slip soles. I'm unreconstructed so I wear felt. The rest of you as far as I can tell are reconstructed, or have an appointment to be.


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Dive boots when in the tube work well... Very similar to Jims rec'
Same here. Dive boots come in a few variations including with and without a hard sole. Mine are NeoPro with a hard sole. $45 on Amazon and double as flats boots nicely. They are comfortable and efficient with float tube fins on, and you can walk a mile or less dry land in them comfortably too.

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Dive boots here too. Not sure if there are any dive shops left in your area (probably I'd guess) but bring your waders in and try some on, rather than buying off the shelf. I got mine most recently at Underwater Sports on Aurora (North Seattle). My guess would be up two sizes. I have size 12 feet and waders. I think my booties are 15 (because I hate tight). You may need to order once you decide on a size, but a weeks wait for comfort is a good trade.
With the large boots I had to go with xxl Force Fins, but it's all part of a good system IMO.


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You could check out 5.10's Water Tennies as an alternative. I love them for kayaking and rafting. I imagine 2 sizes up from normal would fit your waders.

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A few things that I have tried, and or witnessed being worn over stocking foot wader feet. Crocs sandals, on the beach. Teva sandals, on the beach and a few rivers. Divers booties, on the beaches. Flats booties, on the beaches. Hiking boots, and modern Army issue infantry boots. One time a guy came out beach fishing with me and he had a spanking new pair of stocking foot Simms waders. The nice, expensive ones. But he had no boots to wear over them. He just put on the waders, rigged up his rod etc., and headed down the beach. I was astonished. I asked him where his boots were. "Boots?"
I tried to explain.
"I don't need any boots."
He was adamant.
We went fishing.
He ruined the stocking feet in one day trip on the shell strewn and barnacle covered stoney beach.
He blamed Simms.
Some people can't be helped.
I've used flats boots for years & these Magellans are the best I've used in that time.

http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/magellan-outdoors-mens-neoprene-wading-boots?repChildCatid=14370 $29 & change and shipping from Academy - easy on & off, substantial sole & I've used mine in tubes & toons for 3 years with no issues. Plus, my toes are protected.
Good tip Jim, I just received mine, $29 to the door; look to be very nice quality. Can't beat the price. I've tried the water shoes and had problems with them staying on my feet, always want to come off at the heel when walking and they are not good for walking any distance over a few feet. These appear to be a great improvement.