Naches & Tieton Rivers ?

I've lived and fly fished in Washingon my whole life and have never fished these two. I can't seem to find any water or fishing reports on either. Any information on the conditions, fish, and flies anyone can give me I would appreciate it.

Happy Hooking,

They are both okay fishing and are in a very pretty area. Lately they have been running high. Once they settle down, the only flies you'll need are tan elk hair caddis, and a little later on in the summer, anything that looks remotely like a grasshopper.

The Tieton is only fishable before they they release all the water from Rimrock lake (early September). Once that happens, book a white water rafting trip. Also, I think the regs for the tieton are not selective gear so you get a lot of guys with treble hooks and bait (actually, you get a lot of that on the Naches too, but it's at least not legal there).
I can't speak for the Tieton much, but don't bother with the Naches for a while unless you are a rafter or kayaker looking for some whitewater. The Naches is fed by snowpack from primarily the American and Little Naches Rivers and the Bumping River and Reservoir. I checked out the Little Naches a week ago and it was still high and a little silty. The American was HUGE, as was the Bumping. So, the head of the Naches was high and muddy. Check the flows at the American River at Nile on the link on the main page of this web site. I think this gage is named incorrectly. The American ends and the Naches begins far upstream from the Nile area.

During lower water, this is a pretty nice river system. THe fishing is fair but can be good on occasion. It is a good alternative to the Yakima if you prefer less crouds and don't mind less and smaller fish. There are some nice fish in the river, but the chances of getting skunked are pretty high also. There are campgrounds and cabin groups scattered along the rivers and they get hit pretty hard during the summer and fall. Try the less accessible spots and you should do ok. I don't have any secrets for flies to use. It is pretty typical freestone fishing. Good luck.

Scott Salzer

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I tend to hit the Naches around Seafair weekend. The water can be high and I have found any wading questionable b-4 that. In addition to the Naches, there is also the Bumping, American & Little Naches. I have cuaght some big fish on the Bumping, but had to work hard for them. On the American, only a couple of small brookies. Small fish on the Little Naches. There is a lot of camping in the area, campgrouds and on Forest Service land. Be advised that the places up the Little Naches can be noisy do to dirt bikes / ATVs. As Native mentioned, the elk hair caddis seems to work well. Might even try it with a dropper.

Don't know too much about the Tieton, except I lost a big one on a woolley bugger.....

Good luck.