Gun Show at Thurston County Fair Grounds this weekend.

Big Top Promotions is putting on a gun show at Thurston County Fair Grounds. Anyone been before? $14 for a couple to get in. Trying to decide if it's worth the money. Anyone?


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They do it several times a year. I went once about a year ago. I think I paid $8 admission for just me. It was worth it to me to see the variety of stock all in one place at one time. I might go again this Sunday.

Speaking of gun stuff, I renewed my JBLM Range Pass yesterday and was told that target shooting at the gravel pit where I've been shooting the last 3 or 4 years isn't allowed. Bummer; it's 6 minutes from my house and as safe a place to shoot as a person could find. Apparently Range Patrol will ticket me if they catch me shooting though, even though that same area is open to hunting in season, which has been known to involve shooting, and not in the gravel pit.

Salmo_g, I usually shoot at range 15 on weekends. I think in June it opens on Fridays too. $5.50 for active duty or retired and DOD, $7.00 for guests, to shoot all day, pistols on one side, rifles on the other.

My wife and I may hit the Gun Show on Sunday. I've got a hankering for another 1911, I've only got two and when I carry one, the other gets scared in the safe, alone alone and shit. Need a third one at least.


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Gun shows have been disappointing the past decade. Over priced and a lot of non firearm crap

Anyway picked up another sig and have a kimber. Can't beat either in 1911

If you ever come over to e side have plenty of. areas from 5 to 1500 yds to shoot plus local trap and skeet

A lot of public shootings areas shut down due to all of the trash left behind by slob shooters
Sort of a waste of the admission price ($14 for a couple). Very small show with a lot of way over priced stuff. Saw a couple of really nice 1911s, but they were close to $100 over my local gun shop prices.