Kokanee Lake???

Anyone fished this lake in Mason County? It is on outlet of Lake Cushman. It appears to have a long narrow channel at the headwater. Is that channel moving water? What has been effective on this reservoir?
My aunt and uncle have a cabin right on the lake and we fish it several times a year. The far end of the lake from the public boat launch has the best fishing but by the park and boat launch can be productive. The best area has been the far end in a big round cove where the lake goes from skinny to wider especially for the cutts plus lots of bows the average fish in the lake is a 8" to 10" cutts or bows but they do get up to 16" inches or so. As for flies to use small woolly buggers and and chironomids in both pupa and adult styles and sometimes ants. Go as soon as you can the earlier in the year you hit it the more fish are still in the lake as it is a put and take lake. It is a very pretty lake and has a motor restriction on it I think it is nothing bigger than 7.5 horse power. It does not get that much pressure but will be more crowded than normal on the fourth of july weekend. stay close to the shore in most areas because it is a very deep lake bring all your fly lines sinktip fullsink and floating. that big cove I was talking about is best to the right when coming from the public boat launch and the closest point that sticks out when just entering the cove is a good producer. :THUMBSUP