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Past couple months my close to home warm water fishery has been a blast. So far I have caught Bluegills, Robins, Crappie, Green sunfish, with a couple dink bass, chubs and one surprising catfish. I have also caught a large sucker, and have seen more of these around, sight fishing these will be an interesting endeavor. It was a helluva strong fish.

The Fishery for me starts at a flood control damn, then a pocket water freestone, then long shallow runs followed by more pocket water then what I call "dead water." I have been picking apart each section unlocking the secrets as best I can, finding out what fish like what habitat.

The bass have been a bit of a mystery, I don't think they are in a large enough population in this section to make it a worthwhile pursuit. They do exist lower in the system, and do well. Some getting over the 4# mark.
The dead water is a long run with lots of fallen trees and a silty bottom, I believe it is formed from a damn that is further down stream in an area with less of elevation change. I just can't seem to figure it out. If there are big bass in this area, I think this is where to find them.

Chubs, which are about as close to trout fishing in warm water with preference to swift current. Lightning fast takes and will put up a nice fight once hooked. A large male is quite the sight to see. Horns all over it's face. I like high sticking for these, or a dry dropper set-up because they will hit both, and double hook-up would be a blast.

Bluegills, the robin redbreast, and the occasional green sunfish represent the highest population of fish caught so far. From a sport fish standard I cant find anything not to like about these fish. They are not at all bashful about hitting a dry fly, nymph, flymph, popper, streamers, or anything else that you can get to them. Finding the big guys out of the school is the challenge. They like to hide out in the back eddies, around dead fall, undercut banks, basically anywhere that they have cover and protection/access to the current. Some kind of floating bug with a dropper seems to be the most effective (knots inevitable though).

Other species that are in this river that I have my eyes on... chain pickerel, roanoke bass, and white bass in the lower reaches

Ill continue to post pictures and reports to this thread as the season progresses.

Anyone have any fun flies/techniques/stories with sunfish or any other warm water species?
i started using a multitude of flies for sunfish then i learned better and stopped. I pretty much use the bully bluegill and treat it like a streamer with chartreuse color, sometimes black and olive. I will use floaters in the shape of grasshoppers or spiders but, they pretty much catch rock bass better for me. I get the bluegills looking at them, but they nibble and can't seem to fit it into their mouths as easily as the bully bluegill. On occasion i use a dry fly, adams, adams parachute and they are golden as well.