Totally Unprofessional
I headed out to the home water this afternoon. We had a light rain yesterday that brought in some fresh water, and flows were perfect today. The water was slightly stained, so I left the purple flash bugger on that I had for smallies over the weekend. Trail has gotten so overgrown that I need nobody had been there in a while, which I am gone with. I just tucked in and barreled through.
Once I got my feet wet, I start casting to a spot that I habitually always start with. Nothing extraordinary about it just a nice hole at the end of a side channel with a small riffle on the side and back.
I always start with this to get warmed up and to see whose home. Usually a couple Robin redbreast, chub, etc. Nothing too exciting but it serves a consistent ice breaker.
First cast in I get a good tug, but miss the set. It was a little bigger than the usual suspects. I try again and hook into probably a personal best LMB and certainly the my biggest out of this river.
He swam past me, past the riffle and into the fast water behind me. I thought for sure something was going to give. Nope I manage him, lip him got the fly out. Before I could grab the camera he made I need last effort and wiggled out of my grip. So no picture. Go figure. I wonder if was in that section feeding or if I can find him there next time.

I did manage a couple other bass one photo worthy