Swap Emerger swap - now closed

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Emerger swap now closed

We've now got our dozen guys:

Steve S
Ron Eagle Elk
Randy Diefert

Please mark Monday, January 31, 2005 on your calendars as the date for me to have your flies in hand. Note: that's the deadline date I need to RECEIVE them, NOT the date you need to send them.)

Since there's twelve of us, you can send eleven flies and keep the twelfth for yourself. (An extra or two for the swapmeister will also be gratefully appreciated.).

So that we all know which beauties you tied, attach a toe tag to each of your flies with your name and the name of your fly. (A strip of paper cut to about 3/8" x 4" with the fly stuck in or taped to one end works great.) Place your flies in a post office-proof container and send them to me in an envelope or box along with a self-addressed return envelope or a stick-on label.

Please make SURE and include the correct return postage. I get cranky when someone spaces it and expects me to pay for postage.

In case some of you are motivated enough to tie them over the holidays, you don't have to wait until the end of January to send 'em in. You can mail them to me whenever you're finished:

Kent Lufkin
c/o L2D Design
13343 Bel-Red Road
Bellevue, WA 98005

Finally, if you've got to pull out of the swap for some unforeseen reason, please let us know by posting to this thread as soon as possible.

I'll add to this thread from time to time to see how we're all doing as the deadline draws closer. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

In the meantime, Happy holidays,



"chemically dependent?"
Right on. I started messing around with patterns last night. :D Ok, ok, maybe I am a bit of an overachiever, but I am damn excited for my first fly swap.

Matt :D
Kent , One of the Patterns that I will be submitting is on Page 86 of the "Tying Emergers" book. It's called a suspender midge pupa. It looked kinda cool and I've never used Panty hose or Styrofoam in tying a fly so I thought I'd give it a whirl... There were a few patterns in this book that I could've easily used Liquid Lace as a substitute for though. I still might try it. I just want to make sure that the flies that I tie will stay "in the surface film".
So I will test any pattern I submit. ;)
Thanks again for hosting this swap.
Happy New Year!
About testing your flies so they stay in the surface. I have a couple of thoughts about that. Emergers by some definition, maybe my own, are emerging from the pupa or larvae and are finished emerging when the winged insect is fully formed. One of the emergers I was going to tie is a weighted caddis emerger after it has left its rock encrusted case and is shedding the shuck. While this is happening it is rising from the bottom in the process of emerging. The dubbed body is brushed so it has the appearane of the trailing or loose shuck. Obviously this is not going to fished in the surface of the water column yet it is an emerging caddis. I am going to tie a few of these and send some along to Kent for the swapmeister gift maybe he will give us his wisdom on them.
The fly that I have settled on tying is a black glass bead emerger. The clear glass bead to imitate the bubbles formed when the shuck is coming off? It has an upright post of deer hair and it will float but only for a short time until the dubbing is wet and then it will sink. This fly will work in the surface film if the leader is greased up to within about 6" of the fly and the fly not dressed. I don't know the physics of a emerging fly but I would think that for a fish he is going to take an emerger where he (the fish) is in the water column perhaps as it passes by on it's way to the surface. Maybe it is most vulnerable or attractive to a hungry fish when it is struggling on the surface. My point is that the emerger, to me (and I haven't read "the Book") is a process rather than an insect suspended in an inch of water at the top of the water coulmn.
I am looking forward to seeing how the other swappers have interpreted the emerger. The test will be on the water, the fish being the judge. :thumb:
Happy tying, jesse clark
And I would agree with that . Would you then classify Chronomids as Emergers also? They to are transforming as they swim towards the surface and shed their schucks.

Alot of the Patterns in the book that was discussed in the beginning of this thread are designed to float at or just below the surface film, although there are some that cannot to that.
I too am looking forward to what people cpme up with. That, my friend is one of the benefits ( getting others perspectives) of joining Swaps. :thumb:
I've got to hand it to Jesse he can be very persuasive. We had this same conversation on our recent drive to the Ronde. Using the example of a Caddis, I always held the belief that the "Emerger" stage was between the pupa and the adult. However, I now share Jesse's opinnion. Or at least understand where he's coming from.

Since we're now using a more liberal definition of Emerger, I'd like to announce that I will be tying my pattented Wooly Bugger Emerger. This is of course a Wooly buger with an antron shuck. ;)
Why do you want to pick on me like that. You know that the only reason you agreed with me about my emerger definition was I threatened to drive off the edge of the road on the snowy hill down to Shumacher Friday. So don't make nice now. :)
I thought you were going to tie your "soon to be famous hatchery pellet emerger" did you change your mind?
jesse clark

When I said you were persausive I made no implications that it was due to your skills as an orator :D Being threatened with death by Shumaker can be very persuasive in and of itself. As for the pellet Emerger... I couldn't get WDFW to supply me a "Natural" as a reference to base my imitation on. So I opted for the WB.


"chemically dependent?"
Kent, my flies are in the mail as of this morning. There definitely not the prettiest, but they will catch fish. I think.

Mine went out this morning as well. It's a new pattern I haven't fished before, but it looks tasty. Hopefully the fish will think so too. Thanks again, Kent.
Okay, Okay, I procrastinated on sending the flies out. The weather looked good so I grabbed the flies and my 3 wgt and headed for the Little D, near Vail. I've never fished these flies before so I just had to field test them, right? The good news is that the cutts really liked them. The bad news is that I've been using a spey rod so much lately that my back cast was sort of bad. A number of these creations were swallowed by mysterious tree and bush fish which fought bravely before being brought to hand. Consequently I had to tie a few more to replace those with fish slime on them and those lost to the various trees and bushes.

They will be heading out the door first thing in the AM, with a few extras for the swapmeister and a couple of Sea Run flies I had good luck with this year.

Tight Lines and Best Fishes,