Three fishing reports

Shawn West

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I have gotten out the the past three weekends. I had gotten some pretty decent numbers of fish, but they have been lacking in size until last Saturday.

5/22/2016 - I had an event to attend in The Dalles around 10 AM. The wind was not expected to pick-up until 10 that morning. I decided to get up early and get a couple of hours of fishing in before the winds came. Due to my fishing time being limited, I launched at the Dalles Dam. The water temperature was 54 degrees. I fished for two hours, and managed to land 18 smallmouth bass. Most were in the 8" - 12" range. I did manage to land a couple in the 15" range. Most of the fish were caught on a blood leech colored Simi Seal Leech. The larger fish were caught on a white Artic Fox Bullet Head Streamer. I was hoping for something larger, but it was a great morning of fishing.

5/28/2016 - I fished two lakes in The Dalles area. The first lake, one of my favorite, yielded me an even dozen smallmouth bass. The water temp was 58 degrees. This lake is starting to get an abundance of weeds along the shoreline. Most of the fish were caught on the same white streamer I had used the previous week. Again, most of the fish were in the 8" - 12" range. Too bad I left my 2wt at home.

I moved to a larger lake in the area around noon. I managed 6 smallish bass right of the bat. As soon as the wind died, the fishing died with it. With the mercury close to 100 degrees, I was considering leaving for the day. Thankfully a slight breeze picked-up and made things much more comfortable. The bite was on again. By 3 PM, I was ready to head for the launch. I tied on a Rapala colored Diamond Hair Minnow and fished my way towards shore. On my way there, I caught a 14" rainbow trout and a 17" walleye. Not a bad way to end my day.

6/4/2016 - I decided to fish the afternoon/evening hours in the Gorge. The water temp at the lake I decided to fish was 68 degrees. This time I brought my 2wt and 5wt rods. The wind was blowing a little too much for my 2wt. I fished my 5wt with a type 6 sink line. Fishing was fairly slow for the first couple of hours. The fish I did land were on the small side. I decided to tie on the Rapala DHM I had used last week. It was not long before I was into a decent sized fish. The smallmouth ended up being my largest bass of the year to date.

The sun was beginning to get lower in the sky. The wind had dropped and the waters surface was as smooth as glass. I decided to give top water a try. Going through my flies, I found I did not load my smaller hair bugs into my pontoon. I did find a size 6 diver. I was not going to make any long casts with this fly on the 5wt, but I had to give it a try. I was not expecting a lot of action, but the fish were about to prove me wrong. I ended up landing a handful of 8" - 12" smallies. I did take a photo of the first top water bass of the year. As you can see from the photo, the fly is larger than the mouth on the fish. My father used to tell me that my eyes were larger than my stomach when I ordered too much food at the restaurant. I believe this smallie had eyes too large for its mouth. All of the fish I landed using the diver were on the small side, but it is a blast watching them smash the fly. The top water bite is only going to improve as the water warms.

Notice that the weed guard did not stop this small bass from getting hooked. When I tie on weed guards, I usually use 16 pound Hard Mason. I may lose a fish here and there due to the weed guard, but the weed guard gives me the confidence to cast my fly just about anywhere with little to no second thoughts.

I have been using one or two web sites to get my information on wind conditions. They have served me well, but they only showed the daily average. I found a new site that gives me the hour by hour predictions. Because of the new site, I fished on 5/22 and managed to enjoy some time on the water instead of just staying home. This is the site I am currently using:
I hope you find it helpful.


I don't really look at the wind conditions too much and just adapt to the weather. Have you found the wind so strong it prevented you from fishing? Either way sounds like a phenomenal collection of fish all around. I haven't been using top water flies yet, was thinking about it this weekend. I have had success with WB's of course but not as great as you, hats off dude, keep going. Just wondering, what areas were you targeting most on the lake? I typically fish along the shore and work perpendicular towards mid-lake. I have been having success with typical pockets of foliage along the shoreline after letting line sink a bit after casting.