12' (2) man catacraft! What size pyramid anchor? Help asap! Thanks!!!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by SIMMS, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Floated with my new boat yesterday for the first time!!!OMG I LOVE IT!!! (Dave expect an email shortly! :) )

    So, I didn't have an anchor yet, but took it down anyway with a buddy...Got some fish too!!

    Anyway, for a 12' (2) man catacraft, fully loaded with 2 guys and some gear, what size anchor would one reccomend? I was thinking a 35lb pyramid anchor. Would this be sufficient, or is this too much?

    Thank you for your time!!
  2. I use a 35 I believe on my 14 ft cat. I'd have to double check it again though.
  3. 25 is too light. 30 is just about perfect.
  4. SIMMS,

    Glad you like it. Good luck, good fishing, and safe floating.

    Oh yeah, 30-35 lb. anchor should be about right.
  5. I use a 35 on my 14' cataraft. I use a 25 on my 12' scadden boat. I'd recommend 25 and if that does not hold you in place, you likely don't want to be in that particular spot. You can start with a 25 and if you need more, add 10' of large link galvanized chain for more weight.
  6. Mumbles has a great idea. I know my old 16' cat needed a 45# anchor to stop (my 35# driftboat anchor wouldn't stop it, only in super slow water). But I was going to say, 30-35 should be about fine. It all really depends on tube design too, how much waterline is in the water, etc etc. More drag=more weight to slow her down. So carrying capacity, diameter of tubes, etc all function on how much anchor. But if you have a 25# anchor, those big choker chains will do the trick nicely.
  7. Hey Guys,

    Thank you for the reply! Anyone know where they sell anchors that they are willing to ship? Called fishermans supply, who has the best prices, but they wont ship!!!! Other places want over 135 bucks for the pyramids...dohhhh...

    HOwever, I have a bass proshops right near me who sell STAR/spike drift boat anchors...WIll that work? What is the advantage or disadvantage?
  8. Simms, make yourself a chain anchor. REALLY easy to do, and I do believe they will work very well on the rivers over there. I do believe the pure chain anchors need to be a little heavier (someone help me out here), but a heavy clamp to hold them together (like a metal pipe clamp) and 40-60# of chain and you will have a nice chain anchor. Just do loops of chain in the clamp to condense it. Pretty simple to make. You'll want the heavier link chain used for chokers.
  9. They frown upon chain anchors here. But thank you for the advice sir!

    Any input on pyramid vs. star?
  10. Get a Green Anchor - keep the lead out of the river, and extend the life of your anchor at the same time. I recommend the 35# for that size boat and your stated use. http://www.green-anchors.com/
  11. Ugh, then I guess you're back to having one shipped. Get the one Derek is talking about, or go to Bass Pro. But definitely get a pyramid for a pontoon. You want as dense as possible.
  12. Curious! Why do they frown on chain anchors?
  13. Well Itried (3) 10# plate weights yesterday...water was rippin so not sure how "well" it works...most likely need to add another 10...that should do the trick...

    If not, ill have to splurge for a pyramid

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