12' 6" Lamiglass Spey $100

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Randall Dee, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks so much for the advise and help so far... haven't even picked this rod up yet and I feel like a really fun journey has started. I have the Spokane contact and will look him up soon. I was also wondering what you guys thought about reels... I intend to do a thread search on the spey pages, but I just thought I would toss that out there if anyone had any strong opinions or suggestions that they might want to toss out on this thread. One other question: Would this set up be a decent option for coho in the the salt? Too heavy? Not a big deal as I have a 6wt overhand set up that works out there, but it's a little light... I only make it over to fish the beaches once a year so it is not the reason for buying this set up (steel on the Ronde is #1 purpose) but I thought I would ask. How about favorite spey instruction DVD's. Again, a link to another thread is great as I don't need to turn a thread on the classifieds into a full blown spey seminar...:) Also, Conner, good luck on the Deer Creek set up!
    Thanks again,
  2. What's your price range for a reel?
  3. Hi Mark,
    I'd like to keep it under $100... I could go to $150 (and may have to for some of the reels mentioned above) but I'm really not excited about going there on a first set up. What do you have in mind?
  4. I really don't merit chiming in on a spey reel because I'm dumb as all get out and totally new to two handers. I do know that when I got my two hander I had a large Okuma Integrity Large Arbor, good disc drag, large spool capacity, that two fly shops told me would be just fine to get started. Nice big reliable reel, I had used smaller ones on a number of single handers in salt water and still have two of them currently. If you can find one of the larger ones it should suit you as a good starter reel until you really get addicted and then go for a really nice spey reel. Best of luck.
  5. When I first got started Poppy set me up with a great starter package, after 3 yrs of fishing the DB #3, it has held up very well and is still going strong. Infact I am not trying to sell mine, I am moving it to my 10' 8wt. single hander. I recently got a reel from one of the members here to upgrade my 14' TFO.

    Check Poppy's website out or give him a call if your interested in it. If the price is still the same as listed on his site, for $100 its has been a trusty reel for me.

    I will also agree with Mumbles on the Okuma my son fished one for a few years and had no issues with it either.


    Best of luck,
  6. Thanks guys. I think I will drive down to the Clearwater next week and visit Poppy. I have heard so much about him here in town and from others out there that I really think its the next logical step in proceeding in this spey casting/steelhead fishing journey. I'll check out reels and lines and pick up some fly tying materials to tie up some steelhead patterns... I appreciate the great advise. Later for sure,
  7. Say hi to Poppy from his crazy Canadian friends Jerry


  8. Will do!
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