12 best all time fly rods....interesting light read

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Porter, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Tom Bowden

    Tom Bowden Active Member

    One of the most useful rods I ever had was a 1970's Lamiglas S-Glass 8' 6wt.

    The car companies really need to install sensors on car doors to prevent accidental damage to fly rods. Their cost savings is really discrimination against clumsy inattentive guys like me. I'd probably still be using the S-Galss today!

  2. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    I think the DS2 Sages were overlooked. They are very durable, and middle of the road action enough for any casting style or line/head.

    While I love Loomis, I think the GLX in weights above 6 is a turd because it is soooooo stiff. Very hard on the wrists when used a couple hundred days per year. (for you Panhandle)
  3. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    Jeremy interesting you should point that out. so many think if the 5 weight is great the 8 weight will be too. not true (IMHO). every make has it's hero and the ugly sister. And of course it is all opinion based. Length of a rod can also play a part. With regards to the XP I never cared for the 9' 5 weight as much as some do, but for me I think the 691-4 XP is one of the best rods I have ever owned. I didn't care much for the 6100-4. I much prefer the 896 XP over the 890 and 8100. This can probably be said for every line of rods. for the record i would like to state for dry fly action the 389 LL is the Bang. It acts like a winston but has some thomas & thomas beauty genes and a little of scott's G spot.
  4. Panhandle

    Panhandle Active Member

    Jeremy, a broom stick for sure. However, if you have an aggressive casting stroke this rod responds. This rod doesn't respond unless you force it to. Not for the passive caster.
  5. Daryle Holmstrom

    Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

  6. UptheCreek

    UptheCreek Member

    I don't know a lot about fenwicks, but I have an older 8 1/2 foot feralite with FF85-3 on it for its description. I know I am a newbie so what does that description mean?
  7. hedburner

    hedburner Member

    I'm not real sure on that rod but I think it's 4/5 wt. Very rare, and very collectible and a great rod to fish. Original tube and sock worth hundreds of bucks to someone. Go ask about it here, http://www.fiberglassflyrodders.yuku.com
  8. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    Agree on the DS2's, disagree on the GLX. I have a 6 and an 8 (older style, now called the Classic), and they are absolutely great casting and fishing tools. Interesting comment on them being so stiff, because many folks consider them not very stiff relative to other modern rods in their line weights.
  9. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

    completely agree, couldn't have said it better myself :thumb: Same with the BIIX's, like the 9'6" 5wt, love the 9'6" 6wt, don't like the 9'6" 8wt, love the 9' 4wt and think the 9' 5wt is ok

    I would add the 590 and 490 SLT from Sage, love those two rods.
  10. Rick Todd

    Rick Todd Active Member

    It's a lot of fun to see how differently people view various rods. I have a LL 389 and love it on water like the upper Skagit in BC, Kelly Creek, Silver Creek etc-just a great rod. In an entirely different action, I also love my Loomis IMX 4-lots of power for a 4 wt and just fun to cast all day. In 5 wts, my XP 590 is my go to rod, followed by my old 590 RPL+ (which this guy HATED) which is a great 5 wt nymphing rod. The 5 wt I hate is the SP 590, but that is one I give to my guests! In 7 and 8 wt, the GLX (old style) is a pleasure to cast all day (for me) and the old Winston BL5 in 9 wt has been great for windy days on the flats. Our fly club is blessed with several talented bamboo rod makers and I'm lucky to have an 8' 5 wt from one of them. Now it is tough to decide between the LL and the bamboo! Rick
  11. Tim Cottage

    Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

    I have three of the rods on the list. All good rods and one of them great.

    Fenwick 8′ 5/6 wt Feralite Fiberglass Fly Rod.
    A nice casting rod. Bought it new in the 1970's. Put a lot of miles on it but never broke it.

    Leonard Model 50
    Given to me by a dear friend who decided he was physically unable to fish after reaching eighty years of age.
    As the article says "no two Leonards seem to cast anything alike and the craftsmanship varied widely over the decades". I must have one of the good ones because it is probably the sweetest casting rod I have. There is a degree of grace to its movement that is hard to describe but impossible not to notice.

    Phillipson 8.5′ 5/6wt
    Not one of the dirty dozen but pretty close. One of the very capable,"do it all" rods.
    Got it last year for a song. It is all original and appears unfished.

  12. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    I bet this has been covered, I don't feel like rereading the whole damned thread again. LOL. But I think it all comes down to your casting style. I grew up on fenwick fiberglass rods. What I learned to cast on. So I like the slower action rods. They are more comfortable to me. So, the rod in your hand either is a wet noodle or a broomstick. Depending on your casting style and lines you use dictates what you like or don't like. Some guys like that fast action rod. I hate alot of them. I can fish them, just don't feel right to me.
  13. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    I think the GLX Classic is one of the best rods ever. I've got it in a 4 and 6 and have used an 8 a lot. The 8 is any easy casting rod that doesn't wear you out after a day of fishing. If you wanted rotator cuff surgery, the 10' IMX 8 wt would've help you accomplish it.
    I also really like the good old Sage 490-4 RPL. One of my favorite trout sticks.
  14. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    Yeah to clarify my earilier statement about the GLX's I was talking about the Native Run GLX 10' 8wt. The stiffest fly rod I have ever cast.
  15. Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong Active Member

    Tim Cottage finally addressed some of the great bamboo rods mentioned. They're a great tradition from the early days of our sport and still a joy to fish with. I own a few of them and fish with them most of the time except while in the salt. Antique reels are a blast to use too and can be absolutely beautiful pieces of workmanship. Not just Hardy but Young, Dingley Heaton and others. The Granger 8642, and the 8040 are alltime great blue collar bamboo rods as well as the old F.E. Thomas, Paynes and Winstons. For me it's not all about the latest and greatest. I get a lot out of appreciating the heritage of the sport by using old but still extremely functional gear.
  16. WT

    WT Member

    the sage ds2-9ft 4wt was way the best kept secret out there.
  17. Mingo

    Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

    I agree with Porter. I can't imagine life without my 691-4 XP. Like buttah.
  18. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    Like some, I opened this skeptically, thinking if the Winston 5wt isn't there, it's not valid. I was happy that it was naturally since it's the only one (of these 12) that I have, and it is indeed a sweet rod. The surpriser was the Fenwick. Very brief story:
    For the last 30 years now, I go on a Spring fishing trip with several friends. Most just golf and party and only maybe 10 of the 25 odd, fly fish. Several years back now, one of the NON fishermen decided to join us at the lake and had brought a rod another friend had loaned him. He asked for some casting tips so we strung up this Fenwick in the meadow. I've HAD Fenwicks (spinning rods) and was expecting a decent rod for a beginner. Within 5 false casts I remember saying "where in the F--- did you find this rod Jim? Holy crap, this is a keeper!" I was dumbstruck by it.

    To this day one of the finest rods I've ever thrown.
    Once in a while, the stars align...