$ 12 Steelhead Fly

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Hal Eckert, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Last time I was cranking heavily with commercial tying was 6 or so years ago, and Umpqua was trying to pay force folks to take payment in goods, not cash. That was for tying AND for royalties. There were alot of pissed people. I don't know where that fight went, as I left the biz at that point.
  2. Makes you wonder what Umpqua was using to pay the actual offshore tyers.

  3. God not been back to this site in a week and a half due to work mainly, hope you fellows left some of those $ 12 flys for me, got to get my order in but looking to buy some other items from them also. Will take a look at the catalogue today as we prepare for the SB party today.

    Hey if any body else finds some more expensive steelhead flys than these let me know ? :)

    :beer2: :)

    Bear Down, Go Bears ! As you can see the city is ready






  4. When a fish takes one of my flies and fearing its fate hauls balls for the salt it must be highly embarrassed having been caught eating a bit of roadkill.

    I imagine a fish with a $12 fly in its lip, especially in Cali, would just stick its nose in the air and allow itself to be safely towed to the hand of the undoubtedly sophisticated gentleman gracious enough to present such a treat.

    But on the serious side, Davy you tie like that and fish Highlanders and admit to drinking Gin at the bench? Convoluted individual you are.

    For me its expensive Scotch and cheap flies.
  5. I misqouted myself, I drink gin everywhere
  7. Bear down? Sounds like a song about having a baby...or a bowel movement:rofl:
  8. Not meaning to hijack this thread - but I have to say that Rex Grossman certainly had a bowel movement all over himself yeaterday.

  9. I find it odd that my first post is about alcohol rather than fishing, but good advice on any subject should always be shared.... If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend Hendrick's gin to toast that fly purchase.

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