WTB 12 wt 4 piece

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by waterman, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for a used 12 wt four piece one handed rod to fish for giant trevally.
  2. I have a Sage 12 wt. RPLXi, 3 piece that I would sell for $225 including shipping. It worked great on tarpon & sailfish!
  3. Thanks, but I need a 4 piece to manage plane travel.
  4. Several used 10 wgts on eBay, as you probably know..............
  5. new albright 12 wt 4 piece shipped 125.00
  6. You might want to check with the airline; in my experience, airlines will let you bring on a 3' tube with a fly rod in it. This RPLXi offer is a great deal for a great rod - I its counterpart in the 10 wt., and it's a great stick. A buddy has whipped his share of tarpon with that model 12 wt. RPLXi.
  7. My experience echos Denny's on all counts. I'm flying home today with my RPLXi's in hand in a Sage rod case + a carry on. They treat it as your other personal item.

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