12 wt questions - fore grip?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by hendersonbaylocal, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. For all you saltwater guys out there...

    I just picked up a 12 weight 8'8" Scott Heliply blank. I don't have much experience with big saltwater fish so was looking for some guidance. I see many blue water rods with a fore grip. Do I want to add one or just build it up with a normal full wells grip? I don't think the 12 wt Heliplys had fore grips, but am not sure. Any guidance is appreciated.
  2. I much prefer having a fore grip on 12wt and larger rods. You won't notice any difference between having it there or not when you're casting and fishing, but when you want it during the fight, it's better to have it there.
  3. thanks alpine.

    anyone have any thoughts on the integrated fore grips? i see that the new sage xi3 has an integrated grip and some others like the beulah do as well. I already have a full wells for this rod and was thinking of just adding another small grip in front.
  4. It's whatever you like. There are some experienced salt fly fishers that love 'em, and some don't. For example, Flip Pallot doesn't care for them. But, I think you'll find that more people prefer them than not on those larger weight fly rods. I like mine.

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