snoqualmie main stem

Would anyone like to tell me if (and where) there is any quality fly water for steelhead on the main stem of the Snoqualmie River? Thanks for any tips!

o mykiss

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They can get pretty crowded if you are there at peak times, but places I think are conducive to flyfishing are (i) at the mouth of the Tolt River (either side), (ii) around Fall City, and (iii) a pull out (has a name but I can't think of it) between Fall City and Tokul Creek on Fish Hatchery Road. If there are other (likely to be less crowded spots), I would love to know about them (wouldn't we all). Seth out at Creekside Angling seems to fish the Snoq quite a bit in the summer. He wasn't all that free with the info. on where to fish when I talked to him last year, but if you get out that way and have some money to drop, you might be able to get him to let you in on some better spots than the ones I mention here. I would avoid fishing near Tokul Creek unless it 4 a.m. on a Tuesday; that place is just a zoo every time I go near it.