Polly Rosborough Custom Hunter HMH Vise

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Dave McNeese

One of the OLD guys
Extremely Rare Custom Made HMH Vise

This is one of only two made by Bill Hunter himself for Polly Rosborough. The other one is in a private museum and will never be available for sale. This vise is in very good condition, I used it myself for awhile but it has mainly been in storage.

This vise was made by Bill Hunter himself for Polly in the early 80's. I purchased this vise from Polly sight unseen as Bills high quality standards are well known, and the fact that only two were made warranted the high price I paid. Bill made this vise for Polly out of respect for this great tyer when Polly requested "a vise that would last a lifetime" even though the cost to produce the prototypes was probably astronomical.


Included with the vise is Polly Rosboroughs book, "Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymph" and four of his Fuzzy Nymphs flies tied in 1979. The value of this book and these flies is worth over $200.00 alone, but are being included with the vise to make for an outstanding collection.

This is an unbelievable find, and I am only parting with these rare items because I have one child in college, one starting next fall and another one the year after that, and I need to liquidate some of my collectibles to help fund their educations. Not to mention the five, soon to be six, younger kids, makes quite a blessed boatload!!!

Can be found on Paul Schmooklers Rare and Unusual.com Collectibles page
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