Any steel in raging river?

I wanted to know if there is any steel in the Raging River. it seems like a nice little stream and wanted to fish it a bit more. Trout or anything else in there. I have been walking from the public fishing spot in Fall City and heading up the river, so any info would help.



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Yes. it get's planted. Check the WDFW site for specifics. Good luck finding any fish though (timing is everything...).
Sure there are some steel in the Raging but it is kind of a lost cause.

You can fish for a retrun of maybe 50 or 100 fish or spend your time else where.

For a 50 fish return you might as well fish in your bathtub.



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That's right there is not much point in fishing the Raging, I wouldn't waste any time on it if I were you. ;)