How do you stop the tube from spinning on the vise?

I just started tying tube flies and no matter how hard I clamp it in the adaptor, I have to hold the end of the tube or it will rotate with my pressure of the thread. How can I stop this from happening, or is that just part of the fun :beathead:


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There is an adaptor you can buy for most vises that takes care of that. Otherwise you can pinch the tube in the vise which crushes it and then cut that part off when done with the fly.

What type of adaptor or tube fly tool are you using? If you ping me with the specifics, maybe I can pass along a few tips to prevent your tube from rolling on the mandrel.

IMO, there's really no need for you to 'pinch the tube' and remove the damaged end.


Jerry Daschofsky

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There is a couple things you could do. I do know some of the tube adapters will slip no matter what (just very cheaply made). What I did was make a gasket for it. Usually that's all it took. What I did was get a wide rubberband and cut it into a small circle with a hole in the middle. Usually a pinhole was all you needed, nothing fancy. Then slide one on the mandrel that was permanent. Then, you could put one on after you slid the tube on. It created enough friction with the metal to plastic (or metal if that's what type of tubes you were using) to stop the slippage.
Had the same problem with the small tubes, solved by leaving a bit of a bevel on the far end, or head, (from the vice) of the tube. Using the HMH Tube Fly Adapter Kit, the simple 90 degree wire mandrels hold the beveled tube from spinning.

I put the vinyl tubing on the back of the tube fly before I start tying and then push it as snug as I can before tightening up my HMH tube fly holder. Seems to work OK.
What I do is similar to what Dave does, except I also run the tube through a thin wire. The wire that I use come from what spinner guys use for making spinners. I keep these around for making string leeches. At any rate the wire is run throught the vice with the nylon tubing snug against the vice, the other end of the tube is fastened with the wire loop thus making the tube not spin. I hope this was not to confusing.