a coldwater lake report


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Thank you to all who helped with previous info regarding coldwater lake.
I made it out there Friday July 5. The water temp was 60 degrees. The fishing was good. I was using a olive bugger and also caught some on a sculpin. (I have no idea if the lake has any sculpins). The fish were eating alot of chironomids- all different colors but primarily red and black. I didn't chironomid fish because i was doing well with the other and with the wind and depth (25 to 35 feet) I didn't bother- but one could probably do good with the chironomids as well.

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Sounds like you had a good day. I was there on Thursday. a combination of wind and rain made for challenging float tube conditions....none the less, it was my first time there and just being in a lake created by the Mt. St. Helens eruption was a thrill in it self.
I too was using an olive wooly bugger, but hooked only 1 fish. This is where I need your help. As I have never fished Washington State (from Ontario, Canada) My ability to identify the local species is not the greatest. The fish I caught was 17 inches long and extremely fat. As I had never caught a cutthroat before, I assumed that what I had was indeed a cutthroat. However, the fish had a dark topside, fading into red and then into a brilliant gold mid section and belly. In the haste to get the fish back in the water, my partner took only 2 pictures, of which I can not see the dorsal fins, etc. to help in the identification....
What were the colorations of the fish you caught and is there any chance that this was a golden trout? Thanks!



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Coldwater lake contains rainbow trout and two species of cutthroat. (costal and twin lake). It does not have any golden trout. The fish you describe was likely a cutthroat. I have caught some recetly that look almost a little like a brown trout with the darkness that you describe. At coldwater i caught some fish that you describe- when I looked at the undersurface they have bright orangeish flashes by the jaw(ie cutthroat). I think the cuts like that are amongst the prettiest trout i have caught. I am no expert but I am pretty certain what you caught was a cut. I am certain however that the scenery was awesome. Other than the grand canyon I think it was the most amazing scenery I have seen.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply Mike. I too would agree too that the cuts are the one of the most pretty and that the lake location is second to none in terms of surroundings, history, etc. No doubt will count my brief visit to WA state as one of my more memorable trips. Have one more weekend here and if the weather permits, will either be going to Merrill or Coldwater. May see you there.