SFR - Canoe rentals?

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
A friend is a co-scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop that's planning a week-long canoe trip on Ross Lake this summer. Anyone know of places where he might rent 6-8 canoes for the week?


REI rents canoes and kayaks for reasonable prices and discounts for members. I would also try local universities, especially if they have an outdoor rec. program or club. I know EWU over here has rentals, so maybe try WWU.

Pacific Water Sports(16055 Pacific Highway South, Seattle)((206) 246-9385) a couple of miles north of Sea-Tac airport. Good quality canoe rentals and customer service.
If you've got a military, or military retiree involved, they can rent them very reasonably at the Fort Lewis Northwest Adventure Center (AKA "Outdoor Rec"). Just about any military reservation will have some kind of outdoor recreation rentals.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Thanks for all your helpful replies. I've sent my friend a link to this thread so he'll be able to monitor your suggestions.

If I remember right...the canoes at the resort are the alum type. Not what you want for a long trip if you can find better.

The portage around the dam isn't bad, but depending on the weather I'd make it an early day in and out to keep from fighting the afternoon wind through that spot.

I spent a week on Ross in August in a canoe...great trip.