What Src Fly's To Tie This Winter ?


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Winter flies I've had good luck with. Haven't done much spring fishing for them in recent years.

Sculpin (olive with yellow belly)
Polychaete Worms
Johnson Beach Fly or similar orange patterns
Olive over white clouser - good year round - add black bars with a saddle hackle or sharpie in the spring
Roger's Delia Topwater Squid - Always have a couple in my box. I find the deeper we get into fall / early winter, the topwater bite seems to wane, at least for me where I like to fish. As soon as chum fry start showing up, it picks back up in the spring.
Solid white, olive, orange or brown / tan woolly buggers
Searun Bugger


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In December I primarily fish sculpin patterns, amphipods, or attractors. I like the snot dart and a streamer made out of glow material I first saw at GHFS, although I'm sure there are other attractors that work as well. I've caught fish on small surface patterns like the cutthroat candy during winter as well.


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what would you guys suggest I should be tying for sea runs to use in winter/early spring?
Definitely Searun Buggers - by far my favorite SRC fly. They're pretty easy to tie, too. My favorite head/tail combos are chartreuse/chartreuse, orange/orange or brown, and "root beer"/brown.


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Skyrise,A little pink is great as is tan marabou for tail.
I have had some success with a large bunny strip worm pattern
Rezzies have been hammering a fly that is a mash up of a snot dart and a gel sand lance
It says unfouled with all the short bites
Basicly I replace the chenille wraps of the dart with some copper wire and cover with a tapered uv gel body
Cheers all


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I use diaichi 2546 for pretty much everything I tie. Mostly baitfish though. They're about $7 for a pack of 20. a good sculpin and shrimp pattern will get you through pretty much year round
I have a bunch of those 2546's. I know a lot of people like them, I just never use them much.