What Src Fly's To Tie This Winter ?

I use diaichi 2546 for pretty much everything I tie. Mostly baitfish though. They're about $7 for a pack of 20. a good sculpin and shrimp pattern will get you through pretty much year round
Jack Gartside used #2546 and is a great hook, no doubt about it. It is very strong but may be overkill for SRC. If a striper can't break them, they are strong.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Fished with the same retrieve ?
In my experience, yes. I'm also waiting for Preston's reply. I fish these using either a floating line, or a clear sinktip. Where there's some current, you can let them hang for a bit, and twitch them so that the hackle flutters and pulsates.
I'm going to tie some Squimps and Chum fry immitations.
I should also tie some marine worm patterns


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Yes, essentially the same retrieve. In the salt I'm usually using an itermediate-sink
(full, or head) line and I fall into the "Kinney retrieve" without thinking about it (force of habit). Just to obfuscate things a bit, I have an acquaintance who fishes a black Knudson Spider about 90% of the time and who catches as many, if not more, than most.


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Here's a Stonefish pile worm pattern I've been itching to feed to an oversized SRC. It moves beautifully when wet, here it's suspended wet in one of my wife's flower vases. She's completely thrilled with my process.

Replaced his small #4 red owner, with a slightly larger barbless Gamakatsu in nickel. This thing is going to slay.


Glad to see a lot of you cutthroat fanatics still like my Delia's Cone-Head Squid. I still use it when all else fails but have been having some good luck this year with my new "big fish fly" pattern, my tiny sand shrimp pattern, a glow-in-the-dark bead-head squid, and my version of Chester Allen's Sand Worm fly. I post fishing storie, often with photos of the flies I'm fishing on my Facebook page. For those interested in friending me please send me a note at deliajeffrey@yahoo.com and I will friend you.
thanks for the input guys.
on the Delia squid i did some in light pink or flashy pink. would that be too much color ?
I have tied my squid pattern in just about every salt water color i can think of but ultimately have had the best success with the original...cream or tan marabou tail, pearl new age chenille for body with a white or pearl petite estaz for a collar and a gold cone-head. Jeffrey Delia