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Wild Trout forever

Good stuff, SG. Our Olympic Mudminnow sure is a relic here on the coast. Like a miniature Coelacanth.

I like the odd scattered Sockeye in streams they don't seemingly inhabit much and other pocket populations.

Very interesting to think about climatic/geologic changes and how the creatures evolved or died out.
Mountains rising and trapping fish that once were ocean running (steelhead becoming Golden Trout) or more recent, Crescent Lake Beardslee and Crescenti isolated from a huge landslide and changing slowly.

Amazing nature!

As a rockhound, I have pieces of petrified Sage plants from Chehalis tributaries and it is mindblowing to think that the Cheetahs of Africa came from here, and may have layed next to that sage..or chased the Antelope that remain on the plains without a predator fast enough now to chase them.

Thank goodness for fossil records and clear atmospheres to see the moon and stars. I'd hate to rely on seeing the moon from a photograph only.

What a cool planet !
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