Canadian-American 2005 Fishing Championship


You have my persoanl guarantee as to your safety and the safety of your countrymen. But there might be a little finger pointing and laughing should you lose. I can't stop that. :rofl:

You may have two rods if legal but fish only one at a time. :rolleyes:

You could troll but you will have to get the consent of the American assigned to you as your witness. In other words, if agreed by both parties, you could both troll around together. But you can't ditch your witness. :eek:

Bob, the I am so happy all your buddies are coming on down for a look around. We have more in common than differences and I hope the experience is of mutual benefit to all concerned. How's deb? :beer2:
Deb is fine and it might be prudent to tell you she will be on my team. Those of you with hand cuff-able offenses will be treated accordingly. :p
She has caught her first coho on the fly and kicked my sorry butt in 100 Mile, with a beauty 20" slab.
On second thought I may leave her at home. :hmmm: Not good the "captain" getting out fished by a girl. Albeit a pretty one. :beathead:
A side note to all of those who might be following this line of drivel but I have to tell you a little story about Floon. He is an internationally famous jokster and story teller and for sheer cleverness he is without peer. :thumb:

His pretty wife is a cop (RCMP) and she first started out posting with another lady and they were known as ChixwithStix since they were both cops. Well this guy Floon, single at the time, woos this Deb chic and they got married. AWWWwwwGGGeeee. Love on the internet. Never know boys it could happen to you. We have a little love story as well, this guy Whitey meets this college girl from CWU and AWWWWWwwwwGGGeeee. Not again!
We're all waiting for wedding bells to ring. :hmmm:

Bob, the Just thought I'd be a jerk and spill all the beans :cool:
Hey Floon, I suggest you get the Sherriff and Mr. Forbes if he isn't banned :eek: from the U.S. Tyson would also be a go but keep his sheep at home as they'll be too close to Dipsnort.... :rofl:
Hmmmmm, now you have me thinking. :hmmm:
Perhaps we can enlist Dipsnort as a spy. :eek: We can "sweeten" the pot with a few Krispy Kremes, and throw in a few Timmy specials. I can almost feel the humidity of his drooling from here. :thumb:
Ian Forbes did come to mind as did our former Imperious leader Jack, and Tyson would certainly be able to soften up Dippy for the clandestine activities with guided coho expeditions and of course his winsome sheep. ;)
Now a few other good rods are needed. There are just so many good guys out there. Halfback for sure, Tie Bugs and Mr. Rainbow come to mind as well. And what about Shaggy or Satch and Granny? Just too many :hmmm:
This is gonna be hard. :beathead:


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Bob and Floon,

Is that a true story about the lady cop? Thats a sweet story, amazing how a person finds love when their not even looking, Trust me, I know.

YT, Soon Bob, soon. :beer2:

p.s. Floon, you ever been to Howard by Canim? some serious pigs in that one.
My dearest friend YT,

It's true as the rains that fall from the heavens above, YT. Maybe we should have a sort of internet lovers sub competition for the tournament. Naw, you wouldn't see much in the way of fish caught. Probably disappear back into the tules and not be seen again until the ceremonies. Naw, wouldn't work. :eek:

Now the kid's deal could be great. Imagine being the champion of the CanAm First International Tournament at the age of 8. It would be an American kid no doubt what with all the talent we've got hanging around on the site. Canadian kids fish mostly worms, I think. :rofl:

Bob, the Geez, this is snowballing out of hand. I probably won't be able to fish what with having to handle the press and all. :cool:

A special welcome to Beluga; nice to have you Canadians around especially when you've got that province so wired. We have a few hot spots of our own so hopefully the relationships that develop will be mutually beneficial.
Bob, in that there is so much interest in this event how about making it an open type event. They bring everyone they want and we bring everyone that wants to be there. The top 5 or so fish tamers count from each side is compiled to attain the score.

Whitey, are you up for that lake above North Bend again this spring? I think the score is lake 1 and YT 0 :rofl:
But don't feel bad there are 4 or 5 others with the same score. :D

Enough with the fishing.... I suggest a cage match with loser leaves town or loser shaves his head in the ring, similar to the Big Time Wrestling of the late '70's. No razor blades, ropes, or chains, but yes, folding chairs are welcome and recommended.


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Wet line,

You bet, I need to even the score with that rascal of a lake!!! What about those lakes behind that one, or the river on the far side of the property? I'll get C-dub to go too. great idea about the top 5 finishers, I hope we really do this, I kinda feel the need to get a get-together together. :confused:

YT :cool:
If everyone will agree to ride their sheep to the event at Lake Lenice, I will only charge one doughnut per person to look after your "vehicle" during the tournament. ;)
Whitey got to agree with you. I am now a firm beliver in the best way to find love is not to look for it at all and it will find you. In fact it will hit you hard from behind when you are not looking. Even if you where not sure if you wanted it at the time and just wanted to be left alone to fish. I sure glad she did not let that happen.

She also said the one thing I wanted to hear when I told her I would kick her out of my house and to the curb if she cuts into my fishing time. She looked me straight in the eye and said the only way you will not get to fish is if you do not invite me along. Guess I have a new full time, fishing partner no matter if I wanted one or not. She is really looking forward to fishing for Salmon in the Puget Sound this summer with me, now that we will be living together here in Seattle. In Idaho she fished for Trout, Bass and Perch only. ;)

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Hey Dave. That lake is into me also. Lake 2,old man 0 :( . And same for the skinny water up in there. :(

It seems that my bad luck follows me where ever I go. :(