Upper Carbon River?

I am having some trouble finding fishing info on the Carbon river. The section from the carbon river bridge to the national park entrance is what I am after. Outside the park. Primarily close to the park entrance. The regs stop short of that section. Any input on rules, fish, flies, etc. would be helpful.

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The carbon river is an incredibly silty glacial runoff river. The river levels can fluctuate over a couple of feet in the course of the day when the temps warm up. I am sure that some fish reside in that river but it would be tough fishing.


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That thing flows straight out of the Carbon Glacier off the flanks of Rainier; you could throw a fly into it but it would come up grey and muddy; not sure what the point would be. If someone ever has fished it successfully (probably like on the Talkeetna in Alaska where all the fishing is at the mouths of the fresh water creeks) I'd love to hear about it.

Got a friend who used to fish it with conventional tackle. Said that there is a brief window in late fall where the river clears up as the runoff slows down. He advised me several years ago to hit it early in the morning during this time period (late October) and that I would be rewarded with some whitefish, small trout (8-9 inches) and a few really nice sized dollies of 2 - 4 pounds (I know they are no longer legal to fish for specifically but they were there). He also said creek mouths can be good at other times of the year.

For my money though, the Greenwater is nearby as are several other decent rivers and all of them are much better rivers to fly fish for trout. Just my .02 cents.

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That's just about the way the Suiattle river is. If you hit it right after the rivers open up in June it flows clear. If you wait for about three weeks after opening you will be to late. Then it flows like gray mud. And since it closes at the end of Oct. You have a very small window to fish it. Just thought I would add this. Jim S.
Thanks for the feedback folks. It's a fact that the window is short, I've rarely seen it clean. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity that there are indeed fish in there and it is legal water come June. Months ahead when the time comes that the water looks good again I'll defanitly flip a coin and probably head somewhere else...

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