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water skeeter owners (or previous owners) the cage/cargo deck is particularily small on my boat and it barely hold my gear bag muchless a small cooler. Has anybody fashoned a custom made larger cargo deck? When i was at pass lake last weekend there was a guy there with one made out of a bread bastket type thing. Any suggestions help! Thanks :confused: :D


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Dan, I don't have a WaterSkeeter but I did something similar to my South Fork. I mounted a good sized plastic basket out back where the space was just going to waste. I used wooden crossmembers that were bored to the same size as the frame and the same distance between centers. Then I split them on the table saw, slipped them over the frame and tightened them up with stainless bolts. I mounted the basket on top of the crossmembers with 4 stainless screws and I was in business. The whole setup was dead simple and weighs less than 3 pounds.

It holds my anchor, lunch, rain jacket and PFD with no clutter on board which is really nice. Your WS solution may not be as easy but some wood frame design just might work out there as well. Ive

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I also wear a backpack sometimes when im on my toon. What model did u get? Could u post a link so i could see it? I think u could just take out the basket, and put in a big basket on it. Mount it with bungie cords, or even better, the ultimate white trash solution to everything- duct tape. We will talk at the bellvue show.


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Ah, ya... you should be able to put a bigger basket on the back. Btw, do not take that toon on rivers. The pontoons are not upturned like this
. You can get in some serious trouble if your not careful. Anyways, it will be great for lakes, fishing from a toon is really great.

check out the plastic peg board material at lowes. easy to cut to size and then you have a platform full of holes for easy attachment of anything else and drainage. light weight too.
Is your basket like mine? If so you may be able to get a piece of wood or some of that plastic peg board previously suggested and attach that to the top of the basket to create a platform that goes across the full width of the pontoon.
my basket it just flat, there isnt ant side panels.
zen, that toon inst the exact one i have, mine has pontoons that are slightly up turned. Other people have the same one i do and say they havent had any problem doing rivers. I am going to test it out this weekend to see what its limits are. :confused: :thumb:

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The toon i saw from u link had flat ones, like a lake boat. My looks almost like the one jason posted, it is a bit larger but thats it. The manual said my toon was "river rated" i assume yours is too if it has upturned toons. Btw the boat i posted was an outcast model, it was just the only small thumbnail i could find on the net. Could u by chace post a pic of ur boat?

I will post a pic in a day or two, i just took it apart to see how it would fit in my car. I have to take both sides off the seat and take the leg rests off. Its no big deal. :thumb:
I use a tupperware something or other... It's main function was for Christmas ornaments however we never used it and it fit perfectly. I need to find a way to bracket it into place. I was thinking of drilling some holes into it and securing it with zip ties.



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Don't ever modify your kickboat, they are always perfect right out of the box. I would never trust any personal modifications.

more pictures

I also made a larger platform like you are asking about for my dog to ride on, but I built a whole new rear bracket to give the added room neccessary. Then of course like like real dog he wants to ride in front anyway.

Have fun