In the market for: a travel rod... 8 wt and reel to match

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Right now I'm looking at a Stowaway 9 ft 8 wt 4 piece for $150 anybody want to change my mind? Post if you have a rod or a reel or a better idea then the Cabelas Rod

My I suggest a look at Temple Fork. I have the Professonal Series 9'6'' 8wt. in a four piece. This rod has got bone. I use Rio's Versi Tip line in a 8 weight and all tips match well with the rod. I use the type 6 the most. My reel that I have for this rod is a Plueger Trion, takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n.
Second the opinion. The stowaways have tended to be more moderate in action. The TFO will handle bigger fish and tips. If you don't want as fast a rod, the stowaway is probably better and it is a 5 piece isn't it.
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