Local Lakes ???

does anyone have any lakes they would like to recommend witin 45 min of marysville...thanks

I'm heading up to Lake Riley (just outside arlington) this up and coming weekend and would appreciate any advice. Patterns, techniques, etc. etc. Also would like to know if Jim Creek is open to fishing.

I'm excited to test out my new float tube, it'll be my frt time.

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Yes Jim Creek is open. But I don't know if there are any fish in it. Fished it a few years ago and got skunked.

Lake Bosworth,Loma Lake,Crabapple,Howard,Martha, Gissburg ponds, Lake Armstrong,Flowing lake,Storm Lake, Lake Cassity, The list goes on and on just look to any state atlas. Jim S.
just remember, spin-fisherman are people too...

do you have any suggestions for fly patterns? I was thinking of kick trolling woolly buggers just under the surface early in the morning while I figure out whats hatching. Any hints would be appreciated.
just remember, spin-fisherman are people too...

I thought there was brook trout in Jim Creek, anyways I might as well forget it and hit the stilly.
Try Howard lake just passed Lake Goodwin. It's small enough that even if you end up on the other side of the lake it won't take all day to kick back. I would take the whole 45 min and drive up to Pass lake. Fish the south half of the lake out from the west shore (not too close because of the logs in the water). slowly strip a leech or bugger or still fish a choronomid. Mornings and evenings are best but you can do well midday if deep enough. Have fun!
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