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just out of curiosity, does anyone know anyone who's ever snuck into the no public access part of the cedar river watershed and gone trout fishing? i've often wondered what the fishing must be like in there, since the public's denied access. not that i'm planning to try it myself. i'm too old to go bushwhacking.
I went into the Seattle watershed in the early seventies. Used spoons and spinning gear, 4lb test line. Four of us went in from the gate above Hanson Creek, hiked down to the river above the lake, fished about a mile of river and we kept 36 fish which were 2 to 5 pounds. Mostly cuttthroat and rainbows until we got to the mouth of the lake, the water was slow with muddy banks there and we started to catch Dollys, lots of Dollys,that was the most incredible feeding frenzy I have ever seen in my life.
The place is incredible we saw bear,deer,elk,racoons etc. I also spent a lot of time in there working,logging. If you can get in there legally to look around, do it.

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Between work and school, I have been in there numerous times. Even though I would love to try the fishing out, going into the watershed and trying to wet a line illegally is pretty silly. The fines are enormous, and the folks that catch you face losing their job if they don't see that you are prosecuted.

About the only way that I know to fish the lake is to get a degree in fisheries, gain a reputation as a bull trout whiz, get a scientific sampling permit and claim that you need to do research in the watershed. You will then be allowed to do all the research you want, provided that you can justify it.

How do I know this? I am good friends of a guy in that position.

I've heard from 1 individual who reportedly came over the Stampede pass area and dropped into the watershed. He claimed there were plenty of fish and sizes were BIG. As much as I have thought about trying my hand there, I think the legal and financial risks are too significant.