Simon Gawesworth - Spey Casting - etc. @ Show


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After hearing a lot about spey casting from my brother and listening to some of you on this board, I had to stick around today, Saturday and listen to Simon Gawesworth give a history, demo and running lesson on Spey Casting.

This talk alone was worth the drive from B'ham and price of admission. I had been thinking from what little I have heard of spey casting that it may be applicable to a single hand rod like most of us have and use.

Well a single hand rod is what he used for most of the 1/2 hour or so. Wonderful teacher and I was so happy to have stayed the entire day. If you have any interest in furthering your casting with any rod, you should make a point and go see him tomorrow, Sunday at 1:15 PM in the main room. Steve Rajeff in front of him was good also but I only caught the tail end of his talk.

I saw who I went for and that was Phil Rowley from Alberta and Brian Chan from B.C.

Bumped into Leland Miyawaki at the Kaufman's booth, great guy and I also met the couple that owns All About The Fly, a shop I hear a lot of you talk about. They were fun to talk with also. They were hanging out at the Temple Fork booth.

I missed everyone else or just passed you in the aisles.

Spey casting put a whole new light on things and I see why those of you who are into it love it so much.

Matt Smith

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Hey, I guess I missed you at the Phil Rowley talk. I really liked his flies and was impressed with his line of tying materials. I got a new rod and reel at one hell of a price and bought some other stuff that I probably didnt need. But do you really need a reason to buy fly stuff. I thought that It was a good show. I be going to the Evergreen show next so my two tear old can catch a trout.


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Hi Matt,

I looked for you but I did not get there until the room was basically full. My neighbor couldn't go so I was by myself. I went up and talked with Phil a little afterwards and kept looking for a guy in a black Cabela's hat but did not see one.

Some of the guy's on the other thread seem to have been a little underwhelmed with the show but I liked it a ton. I have not been to one so maybe that was partly why I liked it so much.

If any of the folks on this board who live to the north of Seattle or closer to up here in B'ham I think they are having a similar show in Cloverdale across the border north of Lynden either next weekend or the one after.

I can find out if anyone is interested. Send me a PM or let me know here. I will go look on another site and verify the date.

Edit: Just took a look and the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition is in Cloverdale next weekend. Starts on Friday Feb. 18th at Noon and is at the Agriplex with lots of FREE parking. $12.00 Canadian for admission. Looks like a lot of the same guys. Sounded like maybe more hands on from Phil Rowley demoing some stillwater techniques.

If you have any interest at all in the BC interior, you should go see Chan and Rowley.


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I saw Simon's demonstration on Sunday and think I picked up something to help me cure my roll casting woes. He said that a good roll cast will be very quiet when you're picking your line up during the forward cast and that the point where the line touches the water should not get behind you. Well, since my roll casts sound like a train wreck splashing down I think I'll work on that a bit. Good show!