Clack Vs Hyde

I am planning on purchasing a drift boat this spring. Actually I have had my heart set on a Clack for a while. I was wondering what your thoughts are on both Hyde and Clackacraft boat.


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was in your shoes last year. there are a lot of old posts on this topic. personal choice is the final decision. don't take someone elses likes and dislikes as gospel. i went with hyde for a few reasons. one is the solid elevated floor under the rowers feet, it gave me much more stability as i'm always standing up. just felt more secure in my mind. others were the way i felt the clack tracked and rowed. may get flamed on that, but there again it is the way i felt about it, and after drifting a hyde, it felt more sharper and quicker to response. also the rear casting brace was a lot easier to get around in the hyde. my sons like to bounce around from front to back and they felt that the hyde was much easier to get in and out of the back.also the rowers foot brace differences. it was all big personal differences to me. these are just a few that i can recall at 6:00am half asleep at work. still though, no matter what one you go with, you will love it. this thread may get long, and debatable. like ford vs. chevy.



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I was making the decision between a Clacka and a Hyde as well. Steve Joyce of Reds has a fleet of Clacka's, so I called and tried to get from him if he believed there was a distinction which caused him to go exclusively with Hyde. He said they were both good boats and that ultimately, it was personal opinion. I went with the Hyde as I like their G4 shoe. Avoid the frequent application of Super Mend.

I have a 2002 Clack 16.8 WF and love it, my buddies have Hydes as well and they are nice I really don't think you can go wrong either way...My advise would be to buy used from Clacka in OR/ID and or Hyde, in my opinion there is no reason to buy a new clack/hyde when you can get a year old boat for nearly half the price.

They also can double as excellent sleds:

Good luck and you will love having a drift boat !

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I don't know dudely bout drift boats except one thing I learned at the boat and it seem to make a lot of sense if you going with aluminum you should get Welded seams instead of rivets because rivets will come loose and then your constantly dealing with leakage. just my .02 cents..

I row a 2000 Hyde LP -- My boat has been great -- I spend a lot of time on the Yak and other Northwest trout streams -- I have also rowed Mike’s Clack and it performs equally well; I totally agree with most of the posts – it is personal preference. The nice thing about buying a used boat from Clack or Hyde is that they refurbish the boat completely (most of the used boats are guide returns so they have every option on them) redone bottoms, new oars, new anchor, new trailers and the stand behind them with a warranty.


I have a 16' widebody Willies. It's welded aluminum. It's the most bullet-proof drifter I've ever been in. Pros: will not puncture, can take on boulders, easy to clean, etc. Cons: can be a little noisy when running over shallow riffles. That's it. I'd definately recommend a Willies or other welded Aluminum boat over fiberglass or wood.


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If you plan on buying a used boat, I would go with a ClackaCraft, just for the rod storage. Clacka has tube rod storage on the sides of the boat which Hyde has only recently added similar rod storage. For me this was a bit of a pain in my old Hyde, because you run the risk of your rods popping up while you're getting in and out of the boat. Obviously, not an issue if you only string up one rod per angler.

No jokes please about "rods popping up" comment above. ;)



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clackas are definaately more fishign friendly, and stuff seems to be organized better through out. They also typically last longer. Hydes manueverability is easier with their round back. when it comes down to it is personal preferrence. My .02 cents: I spend alot of tiem in a clack and they are great boats.
I have been on the sticks in a Clack quite a few times but have only been in Hydes while with guides. Maybe I should find someone locally that has a Hyde.
Well I am a SW Washington boy and wityh my work schedule Bellvue would be a little to far. Thanks for the offer though. For that matter thanks to everyone who has added their two cents.

I have rowed and guided out of both Hydes and Clacka's and have found the Clack to be the better boat in terms of quality and fishabilty. I do not personally know of anyone who has punctured or worn out a Clacka but I personally know of guides who have destoyed Hydes, this includes but is not limited to holes in the chines, broken deck fore and aft, and cracked gunnels. I suppose that it is a ford chevy debate, but for the money, a clack is hard to beat. Is the intent of the boat just to fish the Yak? or do oyu have ambition of runnig on coastal water as well? I also advise that you look at some of the Lavro boats as well as some aluminium models....