Any Suggestions or Help for a High School Fly Club building their first rods

Hey Guys,
I am having my students of the high school fly fishing club build rods for the first time. It is also my first time. I was wondering if anyone has an suggestions. I purchased a rod building book, but any help would be great.


Afoot and Lighthearted
A) It would probably be a good idea for you to take a class first. Many of the fly shops offer classes.
1. Greg's Custom Tackle (Lake Stevens)
2. All about the Fly (Monroe)
3. Patricks Fly Shop (Seattle)

B) "Let the word ring out" like you're doing, I bet there are a couple of people with tons of experience, who'd love to assist you. There are plenty of rod builder's in western Washington.

C) Write all the major graphite blank and component distributors/producers (I would actually write a letter, and email, preferably with a photo of your group/class/club. Explain to them what your doing. Ask them for any assistance with materials they can provide.
They would have to realize that some of the kids in your class may become custom rod maker's themselves, and what better way to sell blanks/components to somebody over the long haul, than to "hook-em" early.

D) Ask the local blank producers, if it would be possible to provide a tour of the factory. Sage, Lamiglass, Batson Enterprizes, are all close.

E) There is a PNW Rodbuilder's get together in Woodland WA in Apr. It's free and I'm sure it will be very informative. They will have a beginers lecture as well
boondock's got great ideas! i'd suggest videos and books. sometimes seeing something done is much different than reading about it. see what you can get donated and then fill in the holes. you can make some of your own supplies cheaply like reamers for the cork and wrapping stands (take a look at boondocks stand on this forum, they can be much more simple). Many of the shops have leftovers they will probably donate for free.


Afoot and Lighthearted
if you choose PINE, instead of OAK (it takes FOREVER to sand oak...) AND just used 2 thread tensioners, You could build ROD WRAPPERS for less than 10 dollars. (my wrapper is constructed out of a piece of scrap, oak 1X2 left over from another project)

I used Spar Urethane to finish mine. I used 6 coats, sanding with 240grit for the first 4 coats and 000 Steelwool for the last two. (tack-cloth after sanding each time... ~~~> :mad: ) One day drying time per coat. so it took more time finishing them than it did to build it.

I'm new to rodbuilding myself (I'm currently working on a 10ft 8wt, Dan Craft FT blank which will be my nymphing stick)

Early in my fly-fishing life, I discovered there is something very satisfying when you tie your own flies. Be they; size 20 Griffith Gnats, or 4/0 Clouser's Minnows. The experince of building my own WRAPPER, then selecting a blank and components has been very rewarding to me.

I guess standing in a stream, and basically "owning" the entire process, from building a wrapper, rod and flys, may not be for everybody, but I enjoy it.