Summer Run Steelhead on the O.P.

Which rivers on the Olympic Peninsula have summer run steelhead? When do these runs occur? When do they peak? If one doesn't have a boat, which would be the best rivers to fish? Any info is greatly appreciated. :CONFUSED


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Just about all of the Olympic Peninsula's rivers have summer-runs in greater or lesser numbers. The Sol Duc is an excellent bet, but so are the Bogachiel and the Calawah; the Queets and the Clearwater have fish as does the Quinault. As to peak run timing, it differs somewhat for each river, a good place to start would be to obtain the punch card numbers from WDFW and see when the largest number are caught in each river. As a general rule I would say that most of the peninsula's rivers can provide some summer-run fishing from June right through into the fall, with the addition of sea-run cutthroat and salmon as the season goes on. The Sol Duc probably has the best access since highway 101 parallels it's course for many miles, but secondary and logging roads and trails provide enough access to keep you busy for many years of fishing. Get a good map of the area (De Lorme's Gazetteer is a good scale and shows most of the secondary roads) and study it. A short hike up the Queets River trail into the Park, for instance, will get you into miles of water that rarely, if ever, see an angler.


The Quileute System has hasnt seen many fish yet this year, but they still could start showing. Not worth fishing the quileute system yet not even many cutts, I think our water levels held too long due to the snow pack.

Still a bit early for the Queets and Hoh for two reasons. Water levels and clarity, and it seems that the bulk of the wild run which both of these streams primarrily are dont show up till late summer through fall with sept Oct being the best. There are fish around now but there is alot of water to battle and the clarity hasnt been good, even in the forks. But thats the norm for this time of year.