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  1. So, I've been in working in Antarctica for the last year with only this forum to satisfy my addiction. Since I am home, I to spend a few days fishing Rocky Ford, figured it's a good place to make a comeback. I also had the opportunity to fish my new Sage TCR (for those who are interested, the TCR will make spey casters turn their head!) and Ross, Evolution for the first time.
    Fishing was great once I found my rythym, weather held up, and everything I threw at them caught fish. I had no problem hooking fish, bringing them to hand proved to be my handicap. I landed around 10-12fish, and hooked twice that. The creek had recently been stocked, the fish below was one of them. Hey, if I didn't educated him, someone else would have!

    Here's what worked for me:
    black peacock body bugger #6
    parachute bwo #18 #20
    bomber leach #4, 4x long shank
    scud, blended olive, grey, orange, #12-#18

    Buggers and leaches seemed to work best in the early morning and toward dark, with scuds and bwo olives filling in the middle. In all I had a great time, good to be back!
  2. File was too big for the first post had to resize, here he is....hopefuly.
  3. Wecome back! And thats a nice fish! Nice fish nice gear what else can a man want. :beer2:
  4. Welcome back to the world of the living brother. That's a nice dink you caught there.

    Do you have any cool stories from down-down under?
  5. I lot of cool things happened down there, one of the most memorable was responding to calls (I'm a fire fighter) in the middle of a Herbee, a hurricane/blizzard. We had a C-17's landing gear catch fire upon landing. I snorted nutmeg to actually determine it was nutmeg, it's a firehouse in Antarctica, need I say more!. So yeah, lot of memorable things, glad I took the opportunity!
  6. Is a C-17 the C-141 replacement? In the seasons I went down, all the air support to the ice from NZ was via C-141s early when the ice runway was still decent and then LC-130s.


  7. C-17 is the pride and joy of the AF. It's the one that replaced the aging C-141 fleet.
  8. Salmo,

    Yes, the C-17 replaced the 141 last season. It's amazing to watch those things land and take off, never got old seeing them lift off in just 1500 feet! The C-130's flown by the New York Air Gaurd still fly all missions to the poll. You must have been stationed at McChord since those are the only planes that make the trip to the ice. When were you down?
  9. Congrats.....I like to hear more details on your TCR experience. What line weight/what line you used/best casting stroke w/rod....least favorite. This is an intriguing rod to me......
  10. Cool looking plane that C-17. I'd heard that the Tacoma fleet of 141s was retired.

    I was a UW glaciology graduate student for the first 3 trips (94-5, 95-6, 97-8) then research associate after I finished my PhD (98-9). Went to places like Siple dome, Roosevelt Island, a few places in the dry valleys, Allan hills, Taylor Dome, Ridge B-C. We had the LC-130 support for the deep field put-ins/take-outs on the ice sheet and helocopter support for the dry valley stuff.


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