13 ways to upset a tournament bass angler

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Mark Kulikov, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I arose at 6:00 am this morning and made the decision to let the grass grow one more day. Fishing was on my mind. With the river slow, I elected to try something different. I drug the old tri-hull out of the barn and drove to our local lake. By seven, there were forty, sparkle ridden, overpowered bass boats launching at the ramp. I let the glitter parade leave the marina and launched the old larson. I headed into big bay, and let the bass rods sit in the rod lockers. I rigged up my 6wt with a chart/white clouser and made my first cast. Within ten minutes, I was surrounded by four bass boats. One noticed that I was fly fishing and asked if I had caught any trout. I told him that I was after bass, and he smirked and said, "You can't catch bass on a fly rod." He didn't even have a chance to finish this statement, when I hammered one. He said nothing, but stayed in the area for another thirty minutes chunking spinner baits and watched as I brought several more fish to hand. I think the stress got to him as he eventually fired up that 150 and sped off. Awsome morning with thirteen bass to hand in less than four hours. 11 smallmouth and 2 largemouth. My clouser looked as though it went through a blender. Funny thing is, the more tore up that fly got, the better it worked. I'm a happy camper today. (several bass rods for sale to the highest bidder!!!)
  2. That is awesome. You had an excellent day and that tournament fisher made it 50 times better. Good job!
  3. Hell Ya! I have had similar encounters on the Columbia, although never disproved the tournament dudes so badly.
  4. Andy?
    What were you doing in the Columbia? Wading or Swimming?

    Ah, correction made!

  5. I love pissin off the guys w more invested in the boat thanthe car that tows it, NICE
  6. We had a day of wompin on fish onthe Snohomish where the sleds were stackin up in our seem and we had 60 pinks to the net w our fly gear pink wooly buggers, just put on a clinic in out 15 ft smokercraft jon boat w a ten horse, lol
  7. cool! :thumb: :beer2:
  8. I love it when the bass guys eat their words. I had a similar experience when some one asked a mutual acquaintance if he fished. I jumped in and saind "Well, he's a worm dunker." He responded "I'm a bass fisherman. Bass fisherman don't use fly rods." I joked "Why is it too complicated for you." He saind "No, you don't catch bass on a fly rod." The guy that asked the original question jumped in "What are you talking about? It's the easiest thing to catch on a fly rod?"
  9. That's great - Even more amazing if you landed those bass w/o the sponser patches sown all over your fly fishing vest :)
  10. That made my morning. Excellent work!
  11. That's awesome. I've done that several times (not bass, but salmon guys). I think the best story I heard though, came from someone I was helping out. Guys came here from Utah, never fished anything but trout back there. I gave them some pretty detailed maps and flies to use and how to use them. They went to a spot on the Chehalis I had instructed them to, and grabbed the muddlers I had tied for him. I guess as they were stringing everything up, a couple bank gear guys said "You can't catch silvers that way", meaning on a fly. Jay made a couple casts, and then realized he wasn't working the fly correctly (I gave him instructions on how to strip it). Sure enough, two casts later, he nailed into a big shouldered silver. Guess it was the only one caught that day (they showed up early for the runs, so was great they actually caught some since they weren't due for another couple weeks).

    I say congrats. That's awesome when that happens.
  12. a lot of times, especially if store bought, clousers are overdressed...and it seems that they usually catch more fish when tied sparingly
  13. I dressed them myself and did so sparingly. I had one that wasn't much more that a hook with a few strands left, and it was still catching fish. That was the first time that I've fished the clouser and the overall conditions were perfect with overcast skies, light rain and shallow fish. I'll definately keep a few in my box from now on.
  14. Just to play bass master's advocate here, I think that they probably think it is ridiculous that we would spend so much on a "fishing pole" when another one would catch fish just the same. Or that we would spend 80 dollars on a line when they only spend 15... It is akin to us having the better than you attitude to people who fish with bait. There's no need to prove one way is better than the other, they are all just different. To me they are apples and oranges, and as long as both sides are doing their part to support and protect the fishery and the industry at large, go for it...
    Trevor - the BillDance kid...:clown:
  15. Did this guy have a giant yellow pompadour and say "SON!" a lot?

  16. The clouser was the first flie that I was introduced to in fly fishing...I fished them exclusively for almost two years at one point and can honestly say that I have caught more fish on one eyed clousers than any fly ever!! As they say..."Beat it up and they'll eat it up!!"

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