13 year old looking for good fishing

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  1. High I am a resident of moses lake wa and my dad lives in newcastle wa.
    my step dad drops me off in cle elum every other weekend.I love to fly fish and am completely obsessed.:D can anyone point me to a spot on the cle elum river that holds fish?If so what fly do i use and what time of year is best?
  2. We Fly high,

    I would advise you to do the following:

    1- Do not put your age on your posts.
    2- Do not tell people on the internet where you are going
    3- Get your dad or Stepdad or both to hire a guide and after you've been on the river once or twice with them, go out together and learn the river your own way, fishing together.
    4- Fish with a cellphone that works
  3. I'm not an expert on eastern washington waters but.

    What fly you use all depends on whats hatching, i dont anything will be hatching in the cold eastern washington waters right now, (besides the occasional midge) So i'd through out a wooley bugger or some other streamer pattern.

    Also, you should follow wading boots advice and not give specifics on where your going, where you live, and how old you are. I'd at least take a buddy or better an adult with you as well, freezing water and humans dont mix well.
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  5. Its called using the search function grasshopper...
  6. The river that flows through Cle Elum, right next to the freeway in places, is the Yakima. I suspect that may be the river you mean to ask about. There is lots of good fishing in the river right near town. The Cle Elum river is a bit to the east and is not as good a river to fish.

    I support what people have said before that you should find someone to fish the river with a couple of times. Going with a guide would be great, if your dad or step-dad can afford it.

    One more tip, bookmark this website: http://www.usbr.gov/pn/hydromet/yakima/yaktea.html. Check the river levels at Cle Elum (the dot labeled YUMW) each time you go and learn what levels are appropriate to fish. The river can be too high to fish much of the summer and at other times in spring or fall if there is high runoff or heavy rain. Water levels that range from 500-1500 usually are pretty safe, much above that and you have to pick your spots carefully.
  7. I agree with the safety concerns - don't go out without someone knowing where you are, and where to look if you don't return. Always carry a cell phone with a good charge.

    90% rule - you will lose the first 90% of competing anglers in the first 1/2 mile away from the road, and you will lose 90% of those left if you go another half mile. If you are willing to put some miles on your tenny's, you will be the one finding the good fishing, and we will be the ones asking you where the good fishing is.

    I am not kidding about either one. The tip about talking to the guys at the fly shop is gold, too.

    Be safe, enjoy.
  8. Some good advice by Wadin' Boot. Your much too young to be posting such an open invitation on line. It could be very dangerous.

  9. hey dude. I wont be all adult and tell you not to post your age online, although they're probably right. I'm only 20, so I've been in your shoes more recently than most. I would advise you to do a couple things. I'm not sure how experienced you are, but I know when I was 13 the Yakima was alot for me to take in. Right now however, the yakima is pretty much the only game in town for trout. If you havent already, I would advise you to start exploring your local small streams. PM me if you are interested in a couple names. The Yakima does fish right now but its mostly streamers and midges which can be tough. Wade carefully, make sure you wear a life jacket and that your pops or uncle or cousin or whoever is on hand to scoop you out of the river should you slip. Good luck dude, I know how it feels to be just starting out...


  10. Can't add much beyond WB's post. My standard advice to young flyfishers: Just assume half of us are axe murderers, got it?...
  11. I would go hit up rocky ford for a bit as well, close to home and much less intimidating. there is a great fly shop in ephrata called desert water anglers, they will be alot of help. as for the yak, just make sure you fish it in the spring or fall so tha it' not at high flows.
  12. We fly high.Dude I recommend a different website than this one PM me if you want info, all this site is good for is shit like this where people don't care to help a kid out,all though some will, most won't:beathead:
  13. One of the marks of maturity is the ability to learn from one's mistakes and to be humble around those with more experience and wisdom. Comments like yours simply remind us all that you're still riding the short bus.

  14. I recommend you zip it
  15. i can see rudejude is as eloquent as usual (and as his moniker suggests)
  16. The first half dozen posts in this thread contained some of the best advice a 13 year old newbie could ever get. Sadly, it was wasted on you as your comments so far in this thread demonstrate.

    No one here is ever gonna tell some smart assed little prick exactly what rock to stand on and which direction to cast what fly. If that pisses you off, tough shit. Go somewhere else and bitch about us there instead.

  17. rudejude- if you want to continue to be a member of this site then you need to re-think some of your contributions. Senior members like Kent have probably helped more Anglers then you have ever talked to. Please show them the respect they deserve.
  18. Good thought Ibn. Another is to start thinning the herd a bit. Done.
  19. Getting back to the original question, stop in at a couple of the shops in the area, Cle Elum / Ellensburg - there are a couple in E'burg. They can certainly steer you to local spots.

    Thinning the herd.... I like the thought.


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