13 year old looking for good fishing

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  1. I'm confused now? If that is the Yakima, then, What is the river that runs along 903(I think?) that dumps into Cle Elum lake? Is that the Cle Elum River? I drove past there late last fall, without my flyrod unfortunatly, and was thinking about checking those places out this summer. I thought they were the same river. :eek:
  2. The safety advice is paramount, so please heed it

    As for CleElum.... Bring a bike. Have your dad drop you off on the Iron Horse Trail. Tasty water is everywhere. Dry flies prolly wont' be the ticket, but nymphing can be *mad* fun at times when the sun warms things up. There is no one magic spot, so be prepared to just have to put some sweat equity in things.

    Also, here are a couple of other things to help:

    1) Get a Delmormie Gazateer. Read it, study it, know it. There is *far* more water on it than you can ever imagine, and more than most people ever hit. The studs on the board spend a lot of time looking for water. Sometimes they strike out, other times they hit it big.

    2) Be prepared for disappointment. This is a hard way to fish, and I feel more rewarding. But things don't come easy

    3) Be patient. Right now is *NOT* the best time to be trying this out. There are streams that are open, but they are difficult to get to due to weather, and will be tough to fish due to cold.

    4) Read the regs inside and out. That one document tells you more about good fishing than just about any other thing available.

    5) Learn to appreciate what you got. I look JEALOUSLY at the good carp fishing you have in your area. Spooky, big, and put a big bend in the rod. Consider them when things warm up.

    6) Don't worry about being good at everything, just learn as things come along. It's a tough sport with lots to learn, and the best never stop learning

    7) With that said, spend time NOW when the weather is shitty practicing casts. This more than just about *ANYTHING ELSE* will get you hitting fish sooner. If you can't hit the target where fish are at, you ain't going to catch crap. Beg barter and plead for some casting lessons.

    8) Focus less on the one *magic* fly, and learn to fish general flies effectively. It's one thing to have a stable of flies like Quigley cripples and Drowning Midge cripples you've amassed over time, but in general you can get by with the tried and true Adams, Stimulator, Copper John, and Hairs ear.

    9) Try to watch the board for get togethers. We often have a stillwater mashup in March or April. Some stuff is age appropriate for you, some of it not. Have a guardian there and you'll be safe. If you can make it to one of those, hit me up and I'll try to lend a helping hand.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  3. The Cle Elum is up Hgy. 903. It joins the Yak just south of I-90.

    You would think that it would be similar to the Yak, but you sure don't hear anything about it.
  4. Cle Elum is plauged with Dam release problems. Really low in winter and really high in summer (for irrigation) consequently the fishing suffers. There are fish to be had tho, especially in the upper river.
  5. Cool thanks for clearing that up. :thumb:
  6. Be careful, you don't want to end up on "To catch a Predator"
  7. The Cle Elum river above Cle Elum lake is governed by catch and kill regulations. It is heavily impacted by campgrounds along the section upstream of the lake for several miles. Also, it is a cold, fast, relatively sterile stream, compared to the Yakima. As a result of these factors, it isn't a particularly good trout stream. If you know where to look you can get into some small rainbows in the Cle Elum, but the Yakima is much, much better.
  8. I heard that the lakes around moses are suppose to be good for bass.
  9. iagree Not to mention the trout in all those seep lakes below Sullivan Dam.

  10. Hey guys thanks for the advice. will take in the fact that most of u are cerial killers and homicidal rapist.I dont have MYSPACE so this is the only chat i can get on. Thanks, o and by the way do all of u guys bicker and bitch all the time? If so GET A LIFE!!!!!:ray1:

  11. No we dont bicker "all" the time, only during the winter or when fishings bad., but it's sorta comon knowledge, that you dont tell a whole bunch of strangers specifics on where you live, how old you are and where your going.

    Is their any whitefish in the Cle Elum if so, you could probably catch more of them right now then you could catch trout. Tie on a size 14 or smaller egg pattern or some shiney gold or silver nymph
  12. By the way, my dad fishes to and never lets me out of his sight.;)
  13. I had a friend, now deceased, who used to swear by Frenchman Hills and Winchester wasteways in February/March for the big spawners coming up out of the lake. I know he c/r'd 6-7 lb. fish every winter. Never did it myself, but Jim swore by it.

    Might be worth a try.
  14. It's pretty bad you have to give a kid so much grief. It's only a flyfishing forum. You could atleast give hime some advice of where to go.

  15. Hey Caveman :) Folks did... Concern for his safety should be important too though, considering his age... At any rate, do you have some suggestions that don't include the Yak? If so, if you could post it that would be cool. I've only really hit the Yak in that area, but I myself am always looking for good water :thumb:

  16. iagree This is some great advice to a young flyfisher. If I could go back to being a teenager again, I'd explore every little creek, stream and pond/lake shown on the Gazetteer at every chance I could get . To me that is 90% of the fun of flyfishing. And if you see other flyfishers when you are out on the water, don't be afraid to ask questions. Most of us are happy to help. We were all in your shoes at one time or another.

    FYI - A good place and time to get started "catching" (as opposed to just "fishing") is to check WDF stocking tables and get out on a lake that gets planted early. For example, if you live near Seattle there are several year round lakes that get stocked in March. What you learn on those lakes will help you when you graduate to more challenging waters.
  17. Does your dad know that you are posting on this website, providing both your age and where you live? I could be wrong, but I bet he doesn't.

    When I was 13 (many years ago), I used to be able to sling my Stevens 20 gauge over my shoulder, walk out of the neighborhood and across the highway and bust doves all afternoon around an old barn with a pond. But, there were always several of us together, including some older kids. Times have changed in so many ways.

    No one here is trying to freak you out around the safety stuff, but they know how things are. I bet your dad does, too. I know that it's hard to accept what parents and adults say sometimes, but you came to a community with people that aren't just fly fisherman, many are also parents, too. In short, they're further down the road than you are. So listen up, grasshopper! There is much to learn about fishing and life. Safety first.
  18. hey man... we fly high be careful with what you post. i know your thirteen but there are some freaks out there who are sick.... and as for the guy who was rude to him this is what forum sites are for and everyone is here to help eachother out, they dont mind.... but as for the original question the best thing you can do is go to a fly shop and ask a butt load of questions about where you are.... and get some books and it is really all down hill from there...... good luck man!!!!
  19. Seriously? I understand everybody's concern, but there are probably a couple hundred 13 year old kids in Moses Lake. Its not like he said the street he lived on or where he is going fishing on what day by himself or something. You guys watch way too much sleazy tv. By 13 I'm sure he knows its probably not a good idea to meet up with random freaks from the internet.

    weflyhigh: I have a buddy who grew up in Moses Lake fishing Rocky Ford. There are some big fish there, and although I'm not really into the spring creek thing, you might have some fun. I also fished some of the irrigation canals out there with him one time (who knows if they are actually open) and it was pretty fun. Get out and explore!
  20. 13 year olds are actually intelligent human beings. No need to talk down to the kid, you guys are showing your age ;). I agree with henderson bay, rocky ford is really close and really good. Also if you get a chance to fish lake lenore or dry falls lake, take it, you'll have fun.

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