South Sound Cutts - Quickie Report

Stopped by my buddy's place on Eld inlet...he lives directly across from Taylor United oyster farm... Got there a pretty late but had fish jumping everywhere...some were monsters. Managed one huge strike in about 30 minutes of casting but that was it. There's a tiny creek dumping into his cove and my boys were fascinated with the chum salmon jaws littering the beach (guess the lower jaw is the last thing to decay and we have a bucket full of 'em)

If you can find any small chum spawning stream west of Johnson Pt. you'll find plenty of cutts stacked up waiting for the fry feast. There sure appear to be a lot more fish this year.
Cutthroat!...I caught the biggest cutt of my life last fall at Priest Point park. academy meeting we'll hit it...OK? The spot is just 15 minutes out of town.
Call the Jason or Lance at South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (SPSSEG)...360-412-0808. They know everything about creeks and streams down here.


"Say, nice bead head earring"
Do you live on Henderson inlet? So do I. Shoot me an e-mail. We should hook up and hit the salt after those wily cutts. I have a boat...or 6.
One of my favorite times of year, when the cutties come out to play!

What patterns do you use?

I have had success with an olive bead head muddler size 8-10, and some succes with an epoxy minnow.


Mark Steudel
Hey Todd,

I don't anymore, but my parents live down there, and I still do some canoeing/kayaking down there in summer time. I'll shoot you a email if I'm ever heading down that way to fish.