Spokane River fly recipe question

There is an article today in The Spokesman-Review about the Spokane River. Rich Landers, the author of the article, states that the most highly recommended fly (by local flyshops)for the Spokane River is the Dink (also known as the Britton). It is fished as a caddis emerger. I am a recent transplant from Montana, and have never heard of this fly. I would greatly appreciate the recipe for this pattern. The more variations the better. Thanks in advance.
I've fished the Spokane River for about 20 years and the Pink Dink
is not my first choice but it might be second or third.

It's tied on about a #16 or so hook
pink floss body
grizzly hackle (2 to 3 turns, no more)

My first choice on the Spokane is the Missouri River Special.
Basically a tent wing caddis.
Put it on in late June and take it off in late August.
Fish at night into the dark.

P.S. I'm originally from Montana

Good Luck