Too early for Richmond Beach?

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
A bunch of people I know are celebrating a group birthday party there tomorrow evening, and I noticed that that afternoon has an outgoing tide. So I am going to go up there early on the bus and give it a shot to try and tempt some SRCs or whatever bites... Only my second time fishing the salt, but what the heck. I need to at least get some line in the water. So the question is, is it still too early? Also, How deep do most of you wade? I dont have my waders with me right now, and I am probably going to go in only to my knees or so... but hey, at least I'm fishing, fish or no fish, its up to them. Adios.


Tamer of Trouts
I will be moving into my new house (new to me) next week and it is only a 5-10 minute drive to richmond beach. I have been living in the puget sound area for about a year and a half now and think that is just about time to try and target these guys. I am assuming with this post there are some good opportunities down along Richmond beach for SRC...if somebody gives me a heads up when the action starts to pick I would love to tag along and learn how to chase these guys. :beer2: Josh

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Here's the answer...
I learned Puget sound is no fun to wet wade in march.
I learned that a day called perfect by kite surfers isnt good for casting.
I learned that I really know nothing about fishing for SRC.

BUt aside from the gale force winds, iceberg water, high seas, and complete lack of fish...I had a good time. It settled down later in the evening, but by then my buddies showed up to party, and fishing wasn't quite on my mind. It was a beautiful night, and the fish will have to come another day.
One great tip I received about SRCs is to never start out wading. Unless you see bait fish, searuns jumping, or something like this it is best to cast from shore and work your way down the beach. SRCs are often in very shallow water very close to shore. If you don't get any hook ups after walking the beach then start wading. Also, they love the edge of riptides.