Just wondering what people think of the knock-off vices out there? I don't want to go spend $250 on a vice...but I need a new one since the one i have is just a starter vice that came with my kit. I have been checking some on on ebay and was wondering what people thought it they are worth it! Let me know!
Also new to this site so if someone could help me with loading pics on here that would be super!
This one is a DanVise....any thoughts on them??

Bill Douglas

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I debated about buying a knockoff, too. I ended up deciding to be patient and shopping Ebay for the real thing. I finally ended up with a Renzetti Traveler for $90. I just didn't trust the craftmanship and durability of the knockoffs.


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By the way it's vise, not vice. Vice is something else entirely and we all have 'em. Griffin has just introduced a new full rotary vise (and a very nice one): the Montana Mongoose at about $135. One of the best deals around is still the Peak rotary from Peak Engineering in Loveland, CO, the last I heard it was still around $120.


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Pssst, Preston,...I believe it's more than proper to use 'vice' and 'vise' when describing the tying implement with the same name, er, names. *g*


Most of the knock-off tying tools I've tried have been horrific. There are a number of entry level vices that range in price from $80 to $120. I truly believe you should be the very best tools you can afford.


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Hmmm. It looks like Hywel is right.

vise also vice ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vs)
A clamping device, usually consisting of two jaws closed or opened by a screw or lever, used in carpentry or metalworking to hold a piece in position.
So now I am looking for some help on what people would recommend between the Renzetti Traveler...Griffin...or Regal...I like the look of the Renzetti..haven't seen much of the Griffin vises so your advice would be a help there, and I have seen the Regal but haven't heard much about which one is most peoples preference. Thanks for your help fellas!



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I'd 2nd or third or 9th, or whatever the Peak vise, have heard many good things and no bad things to date.what for 140.00 bucks out the door? sumthin like that. :thumb:


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You can buy cheap and get a good vise

Seeking_silver said:
Just wondering what people think of the knock-off vices out there?
I tied for several years with a knock-off of a knock-off, an Integra (non-true) rotary vise. I really liked that vise.

I thought it did a really good job of holding a hook ... and would highly recommend it if your budget was extremely strict ... hard to buy good feathers when there's no money left after buying a vise.

When I did decide to upgrade I was going to buy the Peak but after spending time with the NorVise I decided that was the way to go ... and I'm very happy with that decision.

Seeking_silver said:
This one is a DanVise....any thoughts on them??
Just say no to that vise.

I looked at one at the Orvis shop in Bellevue. While it looks good in a picture, in person it's all really cheesy plastic. Plus, I tried moving this, and moving that ... and it broke into two pieces in my hands ... and the shop guy didn't bat an eye or even seem all that surprised when I handed the two pieces to him ...


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Yes I would. I think the quality of construction and materials is better on the Peak. Nothing wrong with the Traveler but Renzetti had to cut a lot of corners to hit their price point. In effect they started high, with the Presentation series (a great vise by the way) and worked their way down cutting materials and fabrication cost and quality until they hit their target price.
I don't think that is how the Peak was developed and the difference shows.

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