20 lb. class fly caught steelhead

Way to go Steve. :thumb: That fish is a beauty! Thanks for the story, I think?? :hmmm:
Now, All I can do is think about when I will get a chance to go and play. bawling: bawling:No time soon for me. bawling: bawling:



Another Flyfisherman
Hey Hey Hey.....There is no need for name calling Juro! hahaha

Shouldn't you be knee deep on a bahamian flat getting a sun burn or somethin'? :rofl:

Wow. Those are some amazing fish. How are the rivers looking over there? I've been wanting to make a fishing trip over on the Olympic Peninsula, I may just have to make that guided trip I've been wanting to take. Luckily, my wife is encouraging me to go and take one. Not sure if that's good or bad though.

I'm new to this stuff, how do I do the smilies? Do I just click on them? Wanted a laughing one after the "good or bad" part.

Great fish, I'm jealous.
NW Flyfisher:

Put your cursor mark where you want your smilies, then just click on the one of your choice :thumb: :beathead: :rolleyes: Sometimes it won't go back and put a smilie so don't move on if you want one on the middle of your text :eek: PM me if you need more help.

Bob, the Dreamin' of a jet boat :(


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Steve Buckner said:
Hey Juro...welcome to this forum!

As for the company...well...somebody has to put up with Jay, might as well be me I guess... :rofl:

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! Who needs enemies with friends like these! :beer1: ...MMMM Scotch
Thanks Bob. :thumb: Wasn't sure if I should click it or not. Didn't want to foul up the computer.

I'm very happy. Spoke to the wife, and she was all in favor of me taking a guided trip or two out on the Olympic Peninsula rivers. In fact, probably make a few more. Want to do some walk in trips, but also want to take some driftboat trips. Want to get used to using one again, and I'm a tad rusty rowing. Am about to restock my boats. :D Just love my wife, she's so understanding. Luckily, sounds like she wants to fish too, so will have her to join me. So most of the trips will be doubles.

I just wish we had more water. All I hear about is how low the rivers are. Oh well, hopefully we'll have some more rain soon.