Lenore Info Request

I'm headed to Lake Lenore this Wednesday for a day trip.
Has anyone been there since it opened on the first?
I'll most likely end up fishing the north end, but would like to fish the south end.
I'll be the Black guy in the old faded Giant Buck's Bag tube. Don't be shy about giving me the hot fly of the day, if you are over that way. Or if I have it you can have it.

I was there Thursday. The supposed hot fly was a #12 black chronomid but not from my point of view. I tried all my black ones with no success. I guess I just wasn't holding my mouth right :confused: . Big peacock and gold bodied carey saved the day though. Nice fish. Lots of weeds in and on the water on the North end. I will be going again this Thursday or Friday. Please post your report.


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I hope to be there by Wednesday as well, I'll be leaving here Tuesday morning and hitting a couple of lakes on the way over.

I haven't fished Lenore since my truck was brand new and both I and the truck are 11 years older now. The last time I was there we saw a guy drowning on the far side of the south end. He had fallen out of his boat and made the mistake of trying to swim to shore rather than staying with the boat which was still floating. We saw it all happen as I just happened to be watching him when he leaned over to land a fish and fell out. A club from the Seattle area was there that day and all were in float tubes except 2 guys in a little boat with a trolling motor. They were motoring around taking pictures of the various club members biggest fish for a calender. We got their attention and they immediately started over towards the guy but it was a hell of long way and he was in serious trouble. They barely made it in time to pull him up and drag him to shore where he spent a considerable amount of time recovering. None of us in our tubes would have ever made it over there. Perhaps someone on this board was there or have heard the story-they truly saved this guys life at the last instant.

That day the fishing was hot with Bead Head Fat Broads. A 3906B in about a size 8-10 with a gold bead head and a very thick body of twisted peacock herl. Not even a rib, just the most simple fly imaginable and we just hammered the big boys. I'll try it again and hope they haven't forgotten.Ive
I was there on Thursday and Friday last week. My first time there and it was an awesome experience! As mentioned above the larger chironomids were hot. I had most of my success with beadheaded #10/#12 black/brown body chironomids. Good luck!
Fished it from the bank for 2 hours on Saturday evening and I heard the Northern end was doing quite well as usual at this time a year, but any #12 dark color or black chronomid will draw strikes. Picked off a few walking the bank.
I picked up 8 using a black leech, casting close to shore and stripping quickly with occasional pauses. I fished in the bay just south of the northern most boat launch. There was a lot of weeds floating on the surface and suspended in the water which made it necessary to clean after almost every cast. The water was about 42 near the surface but surprisingy the fish were giving a good fight despite the cold temp. I checked the inlet stream and a few were already attempting to spawn.


Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.
Try black body with red wire or white wire. silver, copper and gold beads. We even throw on some gills to change things up a bit.


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Yep, the North end did fair well for those in the zone. Sageman and I were in the zone most of the weekend. I didn't pay to much attention to how others were doing. Chironimid size or color did not seem to matter at all. I think area and depth were much more important. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Thanks for all who responded. I made it to Lenore yesterday at 9:30. There were only 5 or six guys fishing. One young man in a yellow Creek Company pontoon boat, was working on what looked to be a hundred fish day. I got a nice red male right off, with a size twelve black chironimid. I found out after pretty quick that you did not need to be more that two or three feet deep to get into the fish's zone. The takes were from casual to "gimme that!"
My fishing buddy Bob Dopiriak arrived from Randall, WA at around 10:30. He fished from the bank, on the road side, near the barbed wire, and caught fish fairly frequently. Ira Veoflone, from this board, arrived in the afternoon, and got into fish pretty fast. He fished from both his Outcast tube and the bank. Both Ira and Bob who did not know each, other are both on three day fishing vacations.
It seems that you'd get the odd fish in open deep water, but if you fished from the bank out to 15 feet you'd be into fish. Although we fished black chironimids, I don't think that it would have mattered. Location and depth, as Irafly mentioned was the key. I fished from my tube for most of the day. They still get you wet and cold. Bringing my pontoon boat next time!
The wind kicked up for an hour, then died down for the rest of the day.
As someone mentioned on another thread, the grass never became a problem, thought I do recall in past years it can come and go with the wind.
I had to take off at 5:30 for my drive back to Lacey. So my four-hundred twentyfive mile day trip was a great day. I guess that I got into 15 fish or so. :thumb:



Indi "Ira" Jones
willieboat said:
Ira Veoflone, from this board, arrived in the afternoon, and got into fish pretty fast. He fished from both his Outcast tube and the bank. Both Ira and Bob who did not know each, other are both on three day fishing vacations.

I think you might mean Ive, not Ira.

I'm glad you got into them.



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Ira, Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure who I really was there for awhile! Ive :)

In Don's defense he was tired from the long drive and numb from the frigid water when I met him-by the time he drove back and started typing he was probably really fried! :D Get some rest Don, it was fun fishing with you!
Ive, thanks for pulling me out of the fire. I could claim hearing loss from my Army days, but what I have is CRS. Been suffering from it since I turned 50.
The last time I saw you, you were playing a nice fish. Great fishing with someone from this cool board.

I will email the pics now.
Great weekend!