Pass Lake report 3/6

I couldn't get out to the eastside, so...
Fished Pass from 11:00 to 3:30. It was quite slow, very few fish caught. I saw one gentleman pick up two dragging a bugger around 12:30 or so. Then, around 3:30 I saw a couple more picked up by folks stripping buggers.

I fished a series of chironomid set ups and had a few takes in really shallow water (4 to 6 feet), but missed each, around noon. Then, I pulled a bugger around for about an hour(olive, then black, then After dinner mint), nada. Went back to chiros around 2:45 and picked up a nice bow on a sz18 bloodworm, 12 ft deep, then a few minutes later I had another nice fish on a sz 14 snowcone (dark olive, red rib) about 9 ft deep. Then, nothing, so I went home to kiss my wife and play with my 6month old kid.

Water temp seemed a bit chilly (forgot to check the temp). There was cloud cover all day, which may have affected the hatches, but who knows? If you go, bring a variety of bugs to throw at them, because it appears you'll have to switch it up. Or head out to Lone instead, I fished out there last week and caught bunches of fish on chironomids.

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
Good Report :thumb:
It has been very chilly and very cold up there. Another month of good weather and that lake should be rockin.
Lone lake did not fish well on Saturday either. Tried Chiros, leech, damsel and bead head mayflies but nothing but one bump for me of my fishing partner all day. That was on the beadhead mayfly. Only saw 3 fish caught all day by others. The wind was a pain all day as well and the clouds never left until around 4 PM when the wind really picked up. Never saw any type of hatch. We fished from around 11 AM till around 4 PM
I still have to clean up the reel and backing and flyline after fishing partner dropped rod over board and I had to pull up the rod back up by the line itself. Made me real glad that I had a strong backing knot after all the line came off the reel before the rod came back from the bottom covered heavy in weeds. Lucky even with the complete fly line and backing in a pile in the boat I ended up with no tangles at all. In getting the rod and reel back, both of us had to fish the rest of the day with one arm each, wet from recovering it. Thank goodness for the wool gloves and silk long johns. Even wet they still kept us warm.
Even though no fish were caught my fishing partner learned quite alot of new things such as how to handle a kayak in the wind, and tried Chiros fishing for first time so the day was still a productive day at least. ;)