Snohomish River


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I live about 2 miles from the Snohimish River about 10 miles south of monroe. I was taking a good look at the river. (and didn't see much besides water) and realized that i knew nothing about fishing it! I don't even know what kind of fish would reside in their to humiliate me by not letting me catch it. can anybody give me any times to fish and types of the little devils in the Snohomish River? any help would be appreciated!


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The Snohomish is big water and therefore mostly a boat fishing show. It's primarily fished for steelhead, salmon and sea-run cutthroat. You can probably tell when the salmon are in by driving across the Highway 522 bridge and counting the number of boats. I've only fished it a time or two, mostly for sea-runs, with indifferent success. Consider, however, that every fish bound for the Sky and Snoqulmie has to pass through it.